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IM+ updated for iPad/iPhone

IM You may have seen some time ago our review of IM+ for the iPad. If you now use it you will be pleased to hear an update is available that will bring you the following features:

  • VoiceOver: incoming messages instant playback without tapping
  • Extra wallpapers available for downloading
  • UI improvements
  • Large contact list management improvements
  • History saving in IM+ Web at
  • Lock Orientation repaired for iPhone

If you don’t currently use it why not try IM+ Lite. It’s free which always helps.


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Windows Phone 7 Launch Event

Windows Phone Event

Monday is the big day for Windows Phone 7. Microsoft are holding an event in London, that we have mentioned before, to officially launch the new OS. I will be there at the event and will be tweeting the news as it happens so please keep an eye out in your Twitter timelines for me.

At the event I would imagine we will get a confirmed date for when we can expect devices to be available to buy. I know the 21st has been knocking around the web as a strong possibility.

Fingers crossed we will also get to see some devices from the manufactures that are supporting Windows Phone 7. It will be interesting to see how many each are unveiling and on which networks.

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Oooh, it’s so exciting!


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