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HTC 7 Mozart on PAYG


You will be pleased to know that our review of the HTC 7 Mozart and Windows Phone 7 will be ready for publishing in the next couple of days. If you have been thinking of getting the Mozart but are not due for an upgrade the word on the street is that you can get the HTC 7 Mozart from Orange on PAYG.

It is not cheap at £399.99 but thousands of us buy sim free phones every year so I am sure that Orange will sell plenty of them.

You can get the Mozart either online or at your local Orange retail store.

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Orange San Francisco Review


The Orange San Francisco is the latest budget handset from the network. We recently reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Apollo which was a bargain at £150 and now we have the San Francisco at a mere £99!

The device is actually made by ZTE and their version is called the Blade. As you will see below you get fantastic specs for £99 and this one could well be bargain of the year.

Interested in the device? Then read on for an insight into what comes standard on the device and a few extra apps you may want to download.

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iPhone outsells BlackBerry in Q3


For the first time ever Apple have sold more iPhones in Q3 than RIM has sold BlackBerry smartphones, according to Strategy Analytics. In fact 20% more which is quite a jump.

Nokia are clearly still number one worldwide but could Apple make the gap even smaller? With rumors rife that Verizon Wireless will release a CDMA iPhone sometime soon Apples sales will only grow and grow.

Come on RIM. We need something special from you and I’m not talking about a tablet with a funny name. We need a super BlackBerry, please.


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