By October 12, 2010

Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 91: 7 is the magic number

Web banner In tonight’s podcast Gareth interrogates James over the Windows Phone 7 event. Andy gets all gushy about his new phone whilst getting angry at the evil doers at T-Mobile and Orange. Matt makes an appearance and informs us of his little work bundler.

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Regulars – Gareth, James, Andy and Matt

Show Notes

Windows Phone 7 Discussion



Andy buys a BlackBerry Torch

Virgin Mobile VM800 Review

Palm Pre 2?

Motorola Droid Pro

Mobile phone company lays people off in horrible way

Bargain corner

Orange’s Frisco Kid

O2 PAYG Palm Pixi Plus £109 ( Palm pre plus is also available instore for £ 179.00)


Listener corner

Really sorry to hear you haven’t had anything in Listener’s Corner. We podcastees are bone idle!
So, I thought I’d send you a few words of support (and constructive criticism).
I listen to a lot of technology podcasts – I’m a gardener, with plenty of time to myself – and yours is without a doubt the best one covering the mobile market. You clearly know the devices down to their nuts and bolts and Andy adds a soupcon of eccentric geekiness and developer knowhow – I often don’t know what he’s talking about, but it sounds impressive.
I would imagine that, at some time, you’d like to get a couple of advertisers on board and this is where the constructive criticism comes in. I’m a big fan of playground humour, but yours sometimes goes a bit far for the corporate suits. Animal sex and inflatable sex dolls might make them a little nervous about having their product appear on the same page, so to speak. Having said that, your edginess adds to the flavour of the podcast so you wouldn’t want to lose it completely. I only say all this because I think you deserve to succeed and your content is certainly better than established podcasts like Dialed In and not far off the the quality of!
Keep up the good work!
Your committed listener (with or without the sex doll)

Bit shocked people aren’t sending in tonnes of questions since you are the only UK podcast worth listening too. I’m really looking forward to the Windows Phone 7 announcements hopefully you’ll be covering them soon but what is the deal with cut and paste?!?
James is mad to have bought the San Francisco. Why when you have a 9700 AND and iPhone 4?
Matt was missing last week I was worried he was eaten by the tractor.
Gareth didn’t mention Archos last week. Shock!
Andy has so many toys I imagine he’ll have an fully automated rubber companion soon.



James’ Lymericks

One from Matts dad!


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