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Angry Birds for Android is here and it’s free

angry-birds-218-85 Perennial iPhone favourite, Rovio’s Angry Birds has finally left the beta stage and is now a fully fledged released product for Android handsets.  You’ll need to be on 1.6 or about, be able to run Open GL ES 2.0 and have a display larger than QVGA (320 x 240) and currently it’s only available from and Motorola SHOP4APPS.  No word on a release date onto the Android Market but it can’t come soon enough with the getjar page currently down through what I guess to be quite a pounding.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Angry Birds phenomenon, it’s one of those games with a very simple premise but it still offers a good challenge. Best described as an Avian catapult kamakaze simulator with a touch of Worms, the titular birds are somewhat peeved by their eggs being stolen by an up-to-no-good group of pigs – green at that.  The idea is the birds are so angry at this loss, they are prepared to sacrifice their own lives to destroy the flimsy dwellings built by the green pigs (pigs, it appears, just don’t get excel in construction), and to this end the player fires them from a catapult into the birds dwellings to destroy both the pigs inside and the properties outside.  Different birds have different uses – the yellow fast one to barrage through wood to the little blue cluster bird.  It’s clever and requires more thought about gravity than you might imagine.

Angry Birds is one of those games (like Mario) where you feel mistakes are by you and not the game, so you keep on trying.  That, plus its pick-up and play nature makes it a great game, and a total bargain for zero pence.  Now there is no reason to miss it.

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LG Optimus 7 – hands on video

LG Optimus

LGs only Windows Phone 7 option for the UK is the Optimus 7. Size wise it is in the same band as the HTC 7 Trophy with a 3.8 inch screen. I haven’t been too excited with LG phones over the past few years but they have given this one some thought and have a few very nice and unique features that the other Windows phone 7 devices do not have.

In the video below you will see how I didn’t understand one or two features so I went and grabbed an LG expert and he gave me a demo of the good bits.

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HTC Windows Phone 7 Meet Up

HTC Meet Up

After the success of their recent ‘meet up’ following the Desire HD and Desire Z event HTC are doing it again. This time it has a Windows Phone 7 theme and all the new HTC WP7 devices will be on hand for the attending to play with.

The venue is once again in Central London and if you fancy going you can check out the Facebook event page here.

You may even see Matt and I there. If you do please come and say hello.


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HTC Desire HD – pre order from Vodafone


We have been pretty much snowed under this week with Windows Phone 7 news. We must not forget that the HTC Desire HD is coming very soon and as from today you can put in a pre order with Vodafone. The Desire HD is available from free on a 24 month contract if you don’t mind one of that length.

The device is currently showing as being available from October 22nd although we all know this is subject to change.

See a reminder of the specs after the break….


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Sony Ericsson Zylo review

zylo-main The Zylo is a mid priced Walkman mobile from Sony Ericsson and is a hefty addition to the Walkman mobile phone range. The Zylo is a substantial feeling device. It weighs in at 115 grams, which is by no means excessive however the Zylo certainly has a quality feel. It does a great job of setting itself aside from the lower priced Walkman devices in the range.

The Zylo is a classic slider device with numerical keypad and classic Walkman control on its face.

Read on to see what I think of one of Sony Ericsson’s latest Walkman handsets.

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HTC 7 Trophy – hands on video

HTC 7 Trophy

The third HTC Windows Phone 7 device I had time with at the launch event was the HTC 7 Trophy which will be available on the Vodafone network.

With a 3.8 inch screen this one sits in the middle in terms of size compared to the HD7 and the HTC 7 Mozart. Like the rest it also comes with 8GB or internal storage and records video in 720P HD. Vodafone have installed a few 360 features but nothing that takes away the standard WP7 UI experience, thank god.

See the video after the break and also a reminder of the Trophy’s specs.

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Samsung Omnia 7 – Pre order from T-Mobile

Samsung Omnia 7

The Samsung Omnia has popped up on the T-Mobile UK site already and you can pre order the WP7 device for delivery in ten days.

The device is available from free with a 2 year contract at £35 per month. This will give you the following:

  • 900 minutes
  • 500 texts
  • Flexible Booster
  • Unlimited* Internet


With its 4 inch Super AMOLED screen the Samsung Omnia 7 will more than likely be one of the most desirable Windows Phone 7 devices. Why got get in early?

More details and full spec can be found here.


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Everything Everywhere to open 6 dual branded stores


The shops will be located in Tooting, Palmers Green, Weston-super-Mare, Hertford, Bridgend and Dorchester.

Everything Everywhere staff were informed of the trial in early October via an email from Orange retail director Sonia Whitely-Guest confirming the store locations.

The locations have been chosen because they have either a T-Mobile or Orange store in the area, but not both, Everything Everywhere VP of retail Andrew Coull told Mobile.

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Palm Pre 2 photos (allegedly)


It was only a few days ago that we posted about the possible specs for the Palm Pre 2. Now it would appear some photos have leaked thanks to a French website.

The photos don’t look like too much has changed on the Pre 2 apart from the improved ridge around the keyboard that I always said I could shave with.

Apparently the device is running WebOS 2.0 and has 1GHz with 512mb of RAM

Looks like good news for Palm fans. This could be just what you were looking for.

We have side on photo after the break…

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Dell Venue Pro – hands on video


The dell Venue Pro is not a device that we are due to have here in the UK for a while. That’s a shame as I kind of liked it. I was talking with a Dell product manager at the launch event who said we would get it at some point but at present it is exclusive to a US carrier.

As you will see in the video below the Venue Pro is a monster of a phone. I thought my BlackBerry Torch was big but the Dell dwarfs it! With a 4.1 inch screen and a sliding full QWERTY keyboard could the Venue Pro tempt some BlackBerry users?


See my hands on video below and also me comparing it with my BlackBerry Torch.

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