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Sony Xperia S review

Sony Xperia S reviewSince Sony announced going solo again in the competitive mobile market, they have launched an ‘NXT’ series of smartphones, headed by the Sony Xperia S. This new flagship device for Sony bears typical Sony features, with a unique design, a crisp HD display, and a resolution-bumping 12MP camera. While the specification may not be at the very cutting edge, Sony have a knack for packaging their products to combine design and specification to create a user experience worthy of being called a flagship; just look at the popularity of last years critically acclaimed Xperia Arc. Despite being behind the curve on specs, the overall package won many hearts and this is what Sony are looking for with the Xperia S. While that Arc bore the name of Sony Ericsson, this pure Sony smartphone marks the beginning of a device which unifies their other market offerings, like the PlayStation brand.

So, on their return to fame, have Sony managed to fashion a phone worthy of a slot in your pocket? Read on for the verdict.

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