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Blackberry Music Gateway – Video


The BlackBerry Music Gateway is nothing new, however there is now a new version supporting NFC. I was in two minds about this accessory but after getting a demo I need to get one of these!

  • Connections Made Simple – Using NFC, simply tap your NFC enabled BlackBerry to connect to the BlackBerry Music Gateway**, or connect via standard Bluetooth for universal connectivity of any Bluetooth enabled device such as smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Enjoy Wireless Freedom – Stream music from your BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry PlayBook, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. BlackBerry Music Gateway connects to any existing home stereo equipment or car stereo using the RCA or 3.5mm cables included in the box
  • Wireless Remote Control – Use your device as the remote for complete control of playback, track changes, and volume.
  • Multitasking – Access other applications or surf the web while playing music. Music automatically pauses when an incoming phone call is received and continues when the call is ended without skipping a beat.

You can see the video demo below. It is pretty awesome. Why not follow @UK_BlackBerry for further updates.


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Huawei MediaPad goes ICS

huawei-mediapad-ics-updateJust as they previously promised, Huawei, makers of one of the first Honeycomb tablets, the MediaPad, have just made the Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich update available to end users. The update will not go out OTA, but instead you will need to download it manually. It comes in at a hefty 329MB, but it does appear to be a stock version of ICS, which is greatly appreciated. Supposedly, installation instructions are inside the Zip download file.


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The BlackBerry PlayBook powered police car


The one thing that really drew my attention when I entered the BlackBerry World showcase was a beautiful Canadian police car.

The force now has a few squad cars with the BlackBerry PlayBook mounted on the dashboard. The police officers also each carry a BlackBerry Smartphone and the two devices work in conjunction with one another.

The PlayBook gives officers quick access to a varity of apps from criminal databases to printing tickets.

The best bit though is how it controls the flashing red and blue lights.

Check out the video below. It is awesome!


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 167: Blackberry World

Web bannerGareth and Matt are joined by James live from Blackberry World where Kevin and Chris from CrackBerry make a swift appearance. This weeks podcast is heavily BlackBerry with some exciting new innovations from RIM. James also touches on the Samsung Galaxy S Advance he has been playing with.

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Hands on with the BlackBerry Dev Alpha

2012-05-01 09.59.47

Shortly after this mornings keynote at BlackBerry World us members of the press were invited to get hands on with the developer alpha device which all devs at BB Jam will receive.

As you will see in the following images the OS on board is essentially the PlayBook OS although the features are very limited. The handset is not a fully functional phone and its purpose is only to allow developers to create apps for the forthcoming BlackBerry 10 devices later in the year.

Please don’t take any notice of the hardware as this will not be a BlackBerry 10 handset. This one is purely a shell for dev usage.

While I am here I may as well tell you that from what I have seen of BlackBerry 10 at the keynote it looks to be absolutely awesome. Android and iPhone users: be afraid, be very afraid!

You can see the photos below:

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BlackBerry 10 sneak peek video and screen shots

BlackBerry 10 preview!
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BlackBerry World 2012– Day One


We are less than an hour away now from the BlackBerry World 2012 Keynote in Orlando where Thorsten Heins will take the stage and talk us through RIM’s vision for the next twelve months.

Will we see new devices announced? I wouldn’t have thought so but what we will see is BlackBerry 10 detailed which is what the excitement is all about. From speaking with a few RIM executives over the last couple of days we are due to see some really cool stuff.

Stay tuned later for more news.


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BlackBerry 10 Platform Striking the Right Chord with Developers


BlackBerry World 2012 / BlackBerry 10 Jam – Orlando, FL Developers and top brands are already beginning to commit to the BlackBerry® 10 platform for their mobile application development. Today at BlackBerry World, Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) revealed endorsements from a number of key partners who have already confirmed their excitement for the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry 10 platform.

RIM has been working diligently with app providers to help ensure BlackBerry customers will have access to high-quality content and apps when BlackBerry 10 smartphones are launched.

“The level of enthusiasm among developers for BlackBerry 10 is amazing. The platform has been built to give developers the ability to create amazing content and a great user experience.  The support and excitement we already see from developers is both rewarding and encouraging,” said Martyn Mallick, Vice President, Global Alliances and Business Development at Research In Motion. “We are hearing every day from partners who want to start building and showcasing their work on BlackBerry 10.”

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The HTC One X & HTC One S now available for less – for a limited time only

vodafone-logo Just a quick heads up for anyone considering the HTC One X and HTC One S; Vodafone have just dropped me a line and wanted me to let you know that for a limited period Vodafone are offering the amazing HTC One X and HTC One S for less.

Until 14th May 2012 you can pick up the HTC One X for free on pay monthly plans from £36 per month, and the HTC One S free from £31 per month.

For further details please go to the Vodafone website:


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ViewSonic’s New VX2460h-LED Monitor

VX2460h-LED_left ViewSonic today announced their new VX2460h LED Monitor. This bad-boy is just 6.8mm thick thin. Surely this has to be the thinnest display on the market?

ViewSonic a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today announced its latest LED backlit monitor solution – the  VX2460h-LED – offering the thinnest profile available for its size and class category.

Ideal for consumers, gamers, enthusiasts and discerning buyers alike, the VX2460h-LED is a sleek and stylish 24″ (61cm)/23.6″ (60cm) viewable ultra-slim widescreen display that pairs a 1/4″ (6.8mm) ultra-slim thickness with advanced imaging technologies to reduce eye fatigue after extended viewing.

With a Full HD 1080p resolution, 2ms video response time provided by ClearMotiv® II imaging technology and ultra-high 40,000,000 : 1 dynamic contrast ratio, the VX2460h-LED delivers superior pixel performance. Paired with dual HDMI inputs for multiple media device connections, Windows® 7 certification and touch sensitive controls for convenient on-screen display setting adjustments, the VX2460h-LED delivers stunning visual performance. Additionally, this mercury-free, Energy Star® 5.1 certified display is equipped with ViewSonic’s ECO-mode feature which extends the lifetime of the display, while delivering energy savings of up to 40% when compared to a regular 23.6″ (60cm) monitor.

The VX2460h-LED comes standard with a 3-year warranty, and the industry’s best pixel performance policy. The VX2460h-LED will be available in Europe mid May for an RRP £159 / ?199 (inclusive of VAT). For further information on ViewSonic and its products, visit


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