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Sony Xperia U unboxing video

sony-xperia-u Sony have been releasing Xperia handsets with regularity recently and the latest to be made available is there Xperia U that we are looking at here.

The ‘U’ is the smallest of the new Xperia range with ‘only’ a 3.5″ screen. Having said that Sony have still crammed 480×854 pixels in to that relatively small space which gives it a sharp and clear appearance. Colours are strong and even thanks to the LED backlight technology.

The Sony Xperia U is touted as the budget Xperia but it doesn’t really have a bargain price-tag, there’s quite a lot inside that keeps the price fairly high so the ‘budget’ label is rather relative here.

There are perhaps two main bugbears with this handset. The first being that there’s no memory card slot. Whist there is 8GB of internal storage that’s a fixed amount that cannot be expanded and let’s face it, 8GB isn’t huge these days.

Secondly, Sony have chosen to ship the Xperia U, and indeed all of the current Xperia range, with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This feels a bit ‘old hat’ now and whilst Sony have promised Ice Cream Sandwich soon I suspect that many will be wary of such claims and will remember a similar situation with the X10 and X10 mini being left as 1.6.

Anyway, you can check out my unboxing and demo video below.


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