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iOS and Android users be afraid, be very afraid! BlackBerry 10 is coming.




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The QNX Powered Porsche

2012-05-03 08.41.59

The QNX powered Porsche was first seen at CES in January (I think) and we clearly weren’t there so I was pretty pleased to see it at BlackBerry World this week. If you saw the keynote you would have seen it made a brief appearance on stage but the car then spent the next three days in the showcase hall where I managed to get the grand tour. 

QNX is in so many cars these days but as RIM purchased the company It makes sense to show of the power of the OS at BlackBerry events.

If you fancy a sneak peak into the future of what we may well see in all cars one day then check out the video below. 

It is more than impressive.

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