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Winners of the Skype HD Webcam and headset


We are a little late announcing the winners to the Skype competition we ran last month. Apologies but we forgot! Anyway, thanks to the hundreds who entered.

The three lucky Twitter winners are: @szzoti, @Mobile_Dom and @cclarky85

We will contact you and pass your details onto Skype who will arrange shipment of your prizes.

Thanks to all who entered. We will have another competition coming up very soon.


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BlackBerry 10 home screen and media player looking good


A few more images have leaked of BlackBerry 10 and they look pretty hot if you ask me. According to N4BB once the phone is unlocked you see the last four applications that were running. 

These images may not be final software but from the sneak peeks we saw at BlackBerry World things are looking up for RIM and this new OS could really get them back in the game in certain markets.

While we are on the subject of certain markets I took a trip to the local Verizon store in Orlando and I was astonished to see that they do not sell a single BlackBerry. No wonder BlackBerry sales in America are falling so rapidly. I just don’t understand why the carriers would not offer all operating systems. Weird.

You can see images of the media player below. A vast improvement over the current offerings on BlackBerry 7 devices for sure. I know I will get criticized for saying this but I am convinced that BlackBerry 10 will have a big dent on the iOS and Android market. The only concern I have is how many people will sign up to a two year plan with the iPhone 5 prior to BlackBerry 10 launching.

We would love to hear your thoughts either in the forum or in the Facebook app at the base of each of our posts.

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Smash Cops for BlackBerry PlayBook – Video


This is without doubt the best game I have played on the BlackBerry PlayBook. If you like the thought of playing cops and robbers this game is for you.

PURSUE! Take down runaway felons whilst avoiding civilian traffic and buddy police as you chase and weave through traffic.
ESCAPE! Escape under time pressure from felon attack and get to a call out location as quickly as possible.
CHALLENGE! 4 different mini games: smash a load of cars illegally parked in a car park, weave through a course laid out by cones, dodge traffic on a highway and collect evidence throughout the city.

GROUND BREAKING CONTROLS! By placing your finger behind the car you can steer, weave, defend and attack runaway felons with full control of your vehicle, never before used in touch racing games.
LARGE DRIVABLE CITY! Huge city with high quality visuals creates a fun and rich environment for different attack and escape routes spread over 20 missions and 5 vehicles.
CHAOS AND MAYHEM! Smash, crush and flip felon vehicles. Obliterate the street scenery.

Video below:


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