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T-Mobile announce pricing for the Sony Xperia U


If you are in the market for a reasonably priced Android smartphone the Sony Xperia U may be right up your street. T-Mobile have today confirmed pricing and you can get the device for free from just £15.50 per month with a 24 month contract.


The Sony Xperia U is the ideal smartphone if you like your sound crisp and powerful. It offers xLoud for beats with impact when listening on earphones or speaker, or even when streaming to wireless speakers via DLNA. The Xperia U also offers Sony 3D surround sound audio technology to give films the dramatic range they deserve.

Personalise your phone to match your mood, or your outfit. The Sony Xperia U lets you swap bottom caps to a choice of different colours, and select from a wide range of themes. The Xperia U also has an illuminated section that changes colour to match album art when you’re playing music, or the shades in your photos as you’re browsing.

Thanks to lightning-fast capture, a single key press takes you from sleep to snap in just over a second. You’ll never miss a perfect picture again. They’ll look great as well, thanks to 5 megapixel resolution. Or if you want to catch all the action, the Xperia U will let you film in detailed HD video.

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Orange preparing for the launch of the Intel powered Santa-Clara (Codename)

orange santa

We have known about the Intel powered Santa-Clara for quite a while now but it seems its launch in now imminent. Orange are holding a press event next week for the media to go hands on with the new Android smartphone. Santa-Clara is its codename and the Orange website states that its real name will be revealed at launch.

Pricing is not yet available but if Orange can follow suit with the likes of the San Francisco and Mote Carlo they may be at a real advantage as they were great value for money. The only downside I can see is that it is running Android 2.3 but I expect we will have confirmation on its upgrade to 4.0 at launch.

Specs wise the Santa-Clara is impressive. As well at the Intel processor it sports an 8mp camera that can take ten shots a second, HD video recording, 16gb of onboard storage and all presented on a bright 4.03″ display.

Sounds pretty impressive. Roll on next week.


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International Medical Corps and BlackBerry – Video


The International Medical Corps are another organization that utilize the BlackBerry solution. Dealing with disasters in any part of the world communication is paramount and it is great to see yet another important service relying on the BlackBerry as their smartphone of choice.

The following video was released on the official BlackBerry YouTube channel and shows the importance of why the BlackBerry is such a valuable tool to the International Medical Corps.

When it comes to saving and rebuilding lives having the confidence to depend on your smartphone is vital.

You can see why the IMC choose BlackBerry below.

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