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Everything Everywhere gear up for the Olympics


With the Olympic Games starting in just a week and a half it seems that Everything Everywhere have been planning for the extra mobile traffic for quite some time. With Ofcom’s recent report showing that over the past 18 months mobile data traffic has doubled there may be some speculation as to how the UK networks will cope.

Everything Everywhere have sent us over the following statement. As you will see, they have anticipated the Olympic surge and have acted accordingly. I wonder if the the other networks have done similar?

“We’ve been preparing for London 2012 since before Orange and T-Mobile merged to become Everything Everywhere, investing millions of pounds to ensure a good experience for both British and international visitors to the Olympics – who will benefit from our integrated networks which provide the UK’s largest 2 and 3G coverage.

Our network specialists have looked to previous global and national events, and analysed sites around the UK where we expect additional demand over the course of the Summer – including tourist attractions, transport hubs and sporting venues, and upgraded hundreds of key sites to cope with additional demand.

We’ve also increased measures in place to maintain service and operational stability during the games. Additional field maintenance resource in the areas of the country most affected are in place, alongside dedicated incident managers to ensure a very rapid response time to any service affecting incidents.

The Joint Operators Olympic Group (JOOG) is also providing as much capacity as possible using external mobile base stations in the Olympic Park to support the number of visitors expected each day. The operators have built 30 sites across the Olympic Park including 14 in-building solution.  At off park venues a further 17 temporary sites are being provided to add additional capacity.”


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Samsung Galaxy Beam now in stock at Clove

Galaxy Beam

If the Samsung Galaxy Beam with its built in projector looks your cup of tea you can pick it up now at Clove. The device will set you back £426 sim free which is pretty expensive but the that projector could be a handy business tool. Running Android 2.3 and with 8GB of internal storage it may not be running the latest OS version but it still looks to be a pretty nice and unique Android handset.

Key features of the Beam are:

  • Integrated projector
  • Ultra-bright 15 lumens projection
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 1GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • 4″ WVGA Display with 480 x 800 Resolution
  • 5 Meagpixel Camera
  • 8GB Internal Storage

You can order the Galaxy Beam here.


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Apple to post online that Samsung did not copy them

samsung-apple-warsApple has been claiming that Samsung "slavishly copied" the looks of the iPad. However, it is proving tough to convince the courts. This is especially true for the U.K. Judge, Colin Birss. Bloomberg are reporting that this is the same judge that previously threw out Apple’s case against Samsung proclaiming that Samsung’s tablets were unlikely to be confused with Apple’s iPad because they weren’t "cool enough." He has taken things a step further in his final ruling and has ordered Apple to publicly state on their own website that Samsung did not copy them. Here’s a quote with some additional detail:

A U.K. judge ordered Apple Inc. (AAPL) to publish a notice on its website and in British newspapers alerting people to a ruling that Samsung Electronics Co. didn’t copy designs for the iPad.
The notice should outline the July 9 London court decision that Samsung’s Galaxy tablets don’t infringe Apple’s registered designs, Judge Colin Birss said. It should be posted on Apple’s U.K. website for six months and published in several newspapers and magazines to correct the damaging impression the South Korea-based company was copying Apple’s product, Birss said.
The order means Apple will have to publish "an advertisement" for Samsung, and is prejudicial to the company, Richard Hacon, a lawyer representing Cupertino, California-based Apple, told the court. "No company likes to refer to a rival on its website."

Apple may have to stand in the corner for the rest of lunch break and possibly have to send a letter of apology to Mr. Samsung for being such a big silly.


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