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Surrey County Council and the BlackBerry Solution – Video


We have covered organisations that use the BlackBerry solution a few times on the site. Here is another that popped up on the BlackBerry UK YouTube channel.

Surrey County Council have 1700 BlackBerry smartphones in place to help them manage the business. In addition to using the BlackBerry’s native apps the council have created there own apps to make them as efficient as possible. Both office and remote workers therefore have instant access to a wide range of information at their fingertips. The PlayBook is currently being tested too so it will be interesting to see the results of the trial.

With BlackBerry getting stick from the media on a fairly regular basis it is great to see another success story.

You can view the video below.

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Nokia Lumia 900 to launch with Phones 4U


Phones 4u is proud to announce that, further to confirming its white exclusivity across the entire Nokia Lumia family of smartphones (including the Lumia 900), it will be the FIRST European retailer to range the eagerly anticipated Nokia Lumia 900.

Further to the US Nokia Lumia 900 launch event, the product has already proven to be an overwhelming success and with the continuing high demand for Nokia’s latest Lumia smartphones, the Lumia 900 will now launch in the UK at Phones 4u on 14th May.

Due to overwhelming demand for the Lumia 900 in the US having a small knock-on effect on product availability in the UK, those who were the first to preorder their Lumia 900* from Phones 4u will receive a set of Nokia Purity by Monster in-ear headphones in addition to their free Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker when the Lumia 900 now launches on the 14th May.

Nokia’s third Lumia smartphone builds on the range’s sleek, attention grabbing design and rich social and Internet experience.  The Nokia Lumia 900 features a 4.3-inch AMOLED ClearBlack Display for rich, bright images and Nokia’s highest capacity battery yet, making it the perfect smartphone for enjoying media and entertainment on the move all day long. The primary camera on the Nokia Lumia 900 has exclusive Carl Zeiss optics, a large aperture for improved performance in low light conditions and wide angle focal length for capturing full 16:9 images.  It is also the first Lumia phone to feature a front-facing 1 MP HD camera, with large aperture and wide-angle lens for sharp, bright images and video calling.

The Nokia Lumia 900 will now be available at Phones 4u both in store and online from 14th May. 


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 166: SNAP

Web bannerGareth and James discover that Archos are looking to produce a gaming tablet, the BlackBerry Curve 9220 looks a like a great budget BlackBerry, The JCB Toughphone is extra tough and the secret to making an excellent Bluetooth headset.

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£60 ARCHOS 7inch eReader packs punch with HD video and music playback


Archos has launched its new 7 inch colour eReader – the 70d which is available now from Amazon.

With a vibrant colour screen and all the features you’d expect in a premium eReader, including adjustable font sizes, a low power-consumption backlit screen, and support for a wide range of open and DRM protected formats, the ARCHOS 70d already packs a punch. However, the ARCHOS 70d is much, more than just an eReader.

The high-resolution colour display is equally adept with720P HD video playback and displaying album covers from the on-board MP3 music player.With room for over a thousand eBooks or 20 movies in a device that’s the same size as a standard paperback book, the only choice facing an ARCHOS 70d user is whether to read a book or flip the device to watch a widescreen movie.

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ActiveTraffic now comes as standard with Copilot Live


ALK Technologies, leading provider of mobile navigation software, today announced that its best-selling app for smartphones and tablets, CoPilot Live Premium, will now include real-time traffic information as an included standard feature – an industry-first for a full-featured sat nav app.

Previously a £9.99 additional annual subscription, CoPilot Live’s ActiveTraffic service uses high quality real-time traffic flow information from Nokia to intelligently calculate the fastest route to destinations and provide a highly accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) based on actual road conditions. While driving, the service automatically monitors the route ahead for delays and suggests a faster alternative way to go if available.

“Real-time traffic information is becoming an essential way for drivers to reduce the delays and extra fuel costs caused by traffic congestion,” comments David Quin, Head of Consumer Applications at ALK Technologies. “We are delighted to make ActiveTraffic a standard feature for our CoPilot Live Premium customers: it is useful every day for any journey – whether on your commute, school run or a weekend getaway.”

“ALK Technologies continues to provide leading navigation apps and we are delighted to support its new real-time traffic service with live feeds from NAVTEQ Traffic,” added Bruno Bourguet, Sales Vice President, Nokia, Location & Commerce. “We have a comprehensive range of sources including the world’s largest compilation of both commercial and consumer GPS probe data.  Unique, proprietary technology is used to integrate and process the source data ready for transmission via CoPilot’s Live’s ActiveTrafficT service as consistent, seamless and borderless traffic information.”


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Archos to build gaming tablet

Archos-Android-gaming-tabletThe idea of gaming themed Android devices is nothing new, especially since we have the Xperia Play along with a few other Playstation Certified devices along with GameStop tablets with their controllers. The fact is mobile gaming is a huge industry already and it is still growing. Archos sees this and is planning on developing a gaming-centric Android tablet to cater to mobile gamers.

In an interview with The New Ecomiste (French), the CEO of Archos, Crohas, goes on to talk about the company’s troubles in the past and how it has revitalized itself through Android tablet sales. Crohas goes on to say that they are developing the first Android tablet that will essentially be a gaming console. What exactly this entails remains to be seen of course but Archos recent additional to their line of tablets happens to be sporting some pretty potent hardware.

We will soon be certified a tablet-type game console. A first. I strongly believe in this market segment. Moreover, the classic game consoles will disappear." – Crohas, CEO of Archos (loosely translated from French)

Crohas goes on to say that he believes the death of the home gaming console is inevitable. While we don’t believe that will happen, especially with new versions of the Xbox and Playstation already in development, we do see a large chuck on that market switching to mobile gaming down the road as mobile technology catches up and quickly at that.

It will be interesting to see what this gaming-centric tablet from Archos will come with in terms of hardware and special features making it basically a gaming console. Of course we could speculate which is always fun but with Tegra 4 on the horizon, it could be a safe bet that the chip could appear in this upcoming tablet.


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Google selling the Galaxy Nexus direct

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 16.12.26

This one looks a right bargain. It is just a shame it appears to be USA only. Google are now directly selling the Galaxy Nexus unlocked for the attractive price of $399 for the 16GB GSM version

That price equates to £274 which for a unbranded, Android 4.0 device with a beautiful 4.65 inch Super AMOLED screen is super cheap.

Let’s hope us good old Brits get to take advantage of this great offer soon.

Click here for the offer.


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Angry Birds Space launches on BlackBerry PlayBook


Despite showing up in App World a couple of weeks early and then disappearing, the newest intergalactic title from Rovio – Angry Birds Space – is now available for PlayBook.

Angry Birds Space features 60 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity, resulting in spectacular game play ranging from slow-motion puzzles to light speed destruction.


. 60 interstellar levels

. Regular free updates

. Brand new birds and new superpowers

. Zero-gravity space adventures

. Trick shots using planets’ gravity

. And hidden bonus levels

Quick Links:


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Samsung Smart TV: New LED and Plasma TVs added to portfolio


Following the global announcement at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in the New Year, Samsung Electronics Co. UK Ltd, the UK’s number one TV brand with the most awarded TV range  has today revealed that the 2012 LED and Plasma Smart TV series are now available in the UK.

Samsung’s 2012 range delivers a smarter, simpler and more connected life for consumers. With Smart Interaction, people can now control their sets through Voice Control, Motion Control and Face Recognition whereby they can turn the TV on or off, adjust the volume or activate selected apps through speech or a wave of your hand. Face Recognition activates your personal profile and your favourite apps meaning you don’t have to spend your time searching through content.

As part of Smart Content, three new exclusive services including Family Story, Fitness and Kids enable families to share photos and messages with each other, sync personal fitness goals and provide a wealth of infotainment and games in a kid-friendly interface that parents can control and monitor. Whilst, AllShare Play lets consumers easily access personal content no matter where they are or regardless of whether it is stored on a TV, tablet, camera, phone or PC.

In addition, select Samsung Smart TVs in 2012 allow consumers to enjoy new experiences as their TV is ‘reborn’ each year with the latest smart technology, simply by installing a Smart Evolution kit. The kit slots into the back of the set and regularly updates the TVs with the latest software available from Samsung.

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Samsung Unpacked Teaser

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 12.52.28

In true Samsung style the company are already teasing us as to what lies ahead at the event on May 3rd where we can expect to see the next Galaxy S III. The following video doesn’t give much away (also typical) but it does have a dig at another what I can only presume is the iPhone stating ‘you can now stand out from….everyone else.’ Cheeky.

You can see the video below.

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