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Dell Streak vs Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet

archosvsdell There Dell streak and the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet are two devices that look to be the perfect solution to pocket media on the go. The Archos, roughly a year old, offers a heavily customised version of Android 1.6 and dedicated codec microchips of a smooth as ice experience when you dump media, any media, onto the device. The Dell Streak looses the codec support and adds a phone whilst sporting a more attractive customised Android 1.6 experience. At this time of writing the O2 version of the Dell Streak had a release of the Android 2.1  however it was withdrawn for unspecified reasons

The easiest way to spot the better of the two is to have a speed test. I know this isn’t the best way but lets just see which is the fastest. I will throw in the Nexus One as a bench mark for each device.

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Archos 3cam Vision review

Archos 3cam Vision review As with many others Archos is a name I am very familiar with in the world of MP3/4 players however these days it seems manufacturers really must go above and beyond the norm. In order to stand out from the ever-dominant fruit based market.



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HTC Trophy full specs


WMPower user have posted full specs for the HTC Sparks, now better know as the HTC 7 Trophy.

The specs have apparently popped up in Vodafone Germanys inventory although we have nothing official from HTC or Microsoft about this device.

What is interesting about the new picture of the device is the addition on an HTC live tile. Could this be part of Windows Phone 7 HTC Sense that was rumoured a wee while ago?

It won’t be the Sense we are used to but better than nothing as Microsoft initially said there would be no customization at all.

Bring on the WP7 launch!

Full specs after the break (allegedly).

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Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Review


Mobile Wi-Fi is nothing new these days as Three have had their Mi-Fi around for some time but Vodafone’s new mobile Wi-Fi is certainly a nice alternative.

At present it is only available on contract, however I would imagine a pre paid option will hit the store in the future.

So how does this one compare to the Three Mi-Fi? You will have to read on to find out.


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Gmail for Android gets unbound, updated

gmail In a surprise move Google has let its Gmail app leave the warmth of the Android family and go it alone in the big wide app world.  While this does seem unusual at first, previously Gmail was only updated as part of a full Android update.  The now solo app can be updated at any time so Google can add features or plug any security holes without having to wait for the whole OS to make the jump.  Indeed, one of the first actions Google has taken is to update the app to bring it in line with its desktop big brother.  Not only does it have the new Priority Inbox but also Priority Buttons keeps the action buttons pinned to the top (it’s quite annoying having Reply at the bottom of a long mail).  It’s not all hunky dory though as the Priority Buttons is playing up with HTC’s similar button layout but of course, now Gmail is solo, this can be fixed.

Gmail is now available in the Android Market for 2.2 Froyo devices only.

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Samsung wave hits 1 million in Europe


Samsung’s Bada based Wave phone seems to be pulling in the numbers in the EU. The S8500 has sold over 1 million units in the last four months since the initial release. It is any wonder, packing a 3.3-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz CPU, 5MP camera with 720p HD video recording, Wi-Fi 802.11n, Bluetooth 3.0, microSD card slot, GPS, Samsung Apps support and more.

Samsung are rumoured to drop the Super AMOLED display for a TFT when they release a successor and a few devices carrying the brand name.

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 delayed!


After being told the BlackBerry Torch would be shipping this week I have just been notified that is now not due until the middle of October.

We are not sure why at this stage and Clove who were meant to be sending me one this week also do not no why. This is rather disappointing news but unfortunately in this business it does happen sometimes. 

If we get any further news we will let you know.

In the meantime I am now going to cry!


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Don’t drink the greenpois0n – fake iPhone jailbreak warning

01 Sometimes it seems we can be all too trustworthy of phone hackers for a new feature or two on our expensive handsets – and for the most part they are well meaning.  However it seems not all hacks are as they seem, and some for Apple’s flagship leave behind some nasty surprises.  Going by the names of Greenpois0n and SHAtter they are nasty little things designed to offload a ton of malware onto the host PC, infecting it with such delights as viruses, trojans and keyloggers.  Of course, at present there is no jailbreak for 4.0.2 & 4.1 and the older type sites don’t work with the newer firmware, so obviously avoid one which purports to offer that facility. 

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Galaxy Tab suffering scaling issues


Whilst Samsung had originally maintained that there would be no problem it appears that some apps from the Android marketplace are causing a little bit of trouble for Samsungs Android Tablet. It would seems that some Android Marketplace applications are limited to an 800 x 400 resolution. however, the Galaxy Tab’s TFT LCD touchscreen is natively 1024 x 600. Thus meaning that the offending apps won’t scale to fit the Samsung device’s screen.

Quite something to overlook My Samsung. Recently Google announced that Android was not quite right to Tablets and the upcoming Android incarnation, Gingerbread, would rectify this.

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Windows Phone 7 to debut on all five UK networks

windows-phone-7-logoMicrosoft have confirmed that all five UK networks will be stocking the new range of Windows Phone 7 handsets. Microsoft haven’t officially confirmed the release date for Windows Phone 7, but the smart money seems to be on October 11th.

Alex Reeve from Microsoft said: “Following our announcement at the recent Mobile World Congress that Orange will be our lead partner, it is wonderful now to have all of the UK’s network operators supporting the launch of Windows Phone 7. This means we can provide network choice and also a range of phones across networks for customers to choose from, all with the power of Windows Phone 7.”

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