By September 23, 2010

Gmail for Android gets unbound, updated

gmail In a surprise move Google has let its Gmail app leave the warmth of the Android family and go it alone in the big wide app world.  While this does seem unusual at first, previously Gmail was only updated as part of a full Android update.  The now solo app can be updated at any time so Google can add features or plug any security holes without having to wait for the whole OS to make the jump.  Indeed, one of the first actions Google has taken is to update the app to bring it in line with its desktop big brother.  Not only does it have the new Priority Inbox but also Priority Buttons keeps the action buttons pinned to the top (it’s quite annoying having Reply at the bottom of a long mail).  It’s not all hunky dory though as the Priority Buttons is playing up with HTC’s similar button layout but of course, now Gmail is solo, this can be fixed.

Gmail is now available in the Android Market for 2.2 Froyo devices only.

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