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Dell Streak vs Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet

archosvsdell There Dell streak and the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet are two devices that look to be the perfect solution to pocket media on the go. The Archos, roughly a year old, offers a heavily customised version of Android 1.6 and dedicated codec microchips of a smooth as ice experience when you dump media, any media, onto the device. The Dell Streak looses the codec support and adds a phone whilst sporting a more attractive customised Android 1.6 experience. At this time of writing the O2 version of the Dell Streak had a release of the Android 2.1  however it was withdrawn for unspecified reasons

The easiest way to spot the better of the two is to have a speed test. I know this isn’t the best way but lets just see which is the fastest. I will throw in the Nexus One as a bench mark for each device.

First test is An3DBench:


The Nexus One paves the way, unfairly running Android 2.2 and presents a score of 4889.



The year old 1.6 Archos with running the OpenGL enabled firmware hits back with 3967.



And the Dell Streak weighs in on the 2.1 firmware with 3594.


Second is Fps2D:


The Nexus One’s 2D processing capacities are hitting an average of 59 frames per second.


The Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet manages an amiable 49 frames per second.


However the Dell Streak is lagging way behind for only 29 frames per second.

Third is Neocore:


The Nexus One managed a whopping 28.1 fps on this 3D simulation.


The Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet lagged behind a little with only 26.7 fps


Unfortunately the Dell Streak failed to run the 3D simulation benchmarking tool.

The Nexus is running at 533 x 320, the Archos is running at 711 x 427 and only the Dell is running at 800 x 480. The Dell Streak clearly has it work cut out for it. However after further testing it seems that the Dell Streak might be limited to 30 frames per second. Why? Who decided this would be a good idea?


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