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Vodafone Prohibits P2P Use for Broadband Customers


At a time where content producers are increasingly using peer-to-peer technology to distribute data, there are still Internet providers that wont allow such traffic on their networks. This type of discrimination is not limited to mobile or cellular networks either. In Ireland, Vodafone users are not permitted to use peer-to-peer services on their broadband connection.

For years the term peer-to-peer has been a synonym for piracy to most of the mainstream public. More recently, however, content distributers and websites such as Facebook and Twitter have become aware that it’s an ideal way to transfer data cheaply and efficiently.

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Eclair update heading to X10’s this month?

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
MORE PICTURESFor those of you with any one of Sony Ericsson’s X10 trio in your pocket, this tasty piece of news should be music to your ears. While the rest of the Android world has more or less moved on, the Xperia X10’s has been serving up nothing but donuts for almost a year. Sony Ericsson actually promised to let 2.1 loose before end of Q3, but now we have evidence! An Xperia X10 was found running 2.1 Éclair at their booth at the IFA technology trade show in Berlin. As you can see, it has their UI skin all loaded up, so now the question is when we will see this actually rolling out to users.

Video (in German) after the break.

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Hackers Unite! Cydia Merges with Rock

JailbrokeniPhone4.jpgFor jailbreakers of the iOS platform, these two stores have been the gate way to pissing Steve Jobs off. But now, after a year and a half of being rivals, Cydia and Rock unite, under SaurikIT. (the makers of Cydia) SaurikIT acquired Rock and will be moving not only the apps and licences from Rock over to the Cydia store, but also all of the software engineers will be combined as well to create the biggest and best unofficial app store on the iOS platform. This is a great thing for all jailbreakers, I’m sure, but users running 4.1 will have to wait a bit longer to see the new Cydia Store as there is still no jailbreak yet.


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The iWatch Is Here


Let’s face it, it was going to happen. Somebody was going to make the iWatch and here it is. Made by ?Incipio, the Linq enables you to put the brand new iPod Nano on your wrist and wear it like a watch, and as far as I am aware, this is the first of many watch straps for the iPod Nano which will come to market. Not much to say execpt the strap is velcro and interchangeable, and your new iPod will be protected on your wrist as it protected by Incipio’s next gen polymer material which makes the housing nice and strong. Oh and it is available in 5 colours, in Black, Grey, Blue, White and Pink.

I was never really an iPod person, as all my media and music was stored on my phone, but this makes me really want to get one of the new Nanos! There is no word on pricing yet but expect it to be around the £20-£30 price point.


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