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Samsung Galaxy S Advance review

Samsung GALAXY S Advance Samsung have been shooting out all sorts of devices since they got big with the Galaxy S2 and recently under the radar they’ve released the Samsung Galaxy S Advance a couple of months before the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now as I write this, everyone knows the S3 is going to be a BIG seller but i can also guarantee it is going to be one of the most expensive phones on the planet, so I’d recommend at looking at this phone if you’re not ready to be spending nearly half a grand on a mobile phone! Check out my full review below:

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HTC Sensation XE review (Running Android 4.0)

HTC Sensation XELast year HTC experienced a massive loss in the smartphone market due to poor sales and a lack of brand awareness. This was in part due to the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy S2 which pretty stormed the Android market for 2012. However, one phone that I believe really went under the radar was the HTC Sensation which boasted very similar specs to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and had a more sturdy design, but yet didn’t sell as HTC would have liked. HTC then brought out the XE and XL versions, both with Beats and both with beautiful form factors.

Today I’m going to review the HTC Sensation XE after it’s Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade and show you a phone that was massively underrated last year.

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ZTE Tania review

zte-tania ZTE have been known for giving the cheaper basic versions of Android so far in their mobile careers, but now they have dabbed their hands in the Windows Phone market. And sticking to typical ZTE style, this handset is the cheapest Windows Phone 7 you can buy on the market today. However, the device still packs a 1Ghz processor, a 5mp camera and a 4.3" screen so the question is is this phone a massive bargain or are there other flaws that specifications can’t tell us?

Read on to find out more!


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How I use my BlackBerry PlayBook on a daily basis


This article is aimed at those who don’t currently own PlayBook and how I (a seventeen year old college student) uses his PlayBook in a daily situation.

Okay first, I’ll talk about how I use my PlayBook on a day when I’m at college; I’ll admit I use it less on one of these days as a day I don’t go to college. I’ll usually begin the day by checking my emails and Facebook and Twitter mentions all from my PlayBook. I do this with the new PIM Messages application for the emailing side of things. There is an Official Facebook application that I use to check any notifications that I may have received. Blaq is the Twitter application of my choice as it sends push notifications when open and is live and in general just feels and looks like the most Twitter application on the PlayBook.

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Samsung Galaxy W Review

Samsung Galaxy W Samsung have been releasing galaxy phones all over the place recently for all types of people; they’ve got the Note, the S2, the Ace, the Pro, the Gio, the Mini and the Wonder. The Wonder appears to be for those who can’t quite afford an S2 or the Note, but still want a powerful smartphone that can easily handle any day-to-day tasks.

The question is: after reading this review will you be able to find a place in your pocket for the not-quite-a-hyper-phone but also not-quite-a-mid-range-phone phone, huh? Try saying that all three times, quick!


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Motorola Pro+ Review

FrontMotorola launched the original Motorola Pro in February of this year. It wasn’t hugely successful. Specs were not great, the screen was simply HVGA and the keyboard lacked the finesse of it’s Blackberry rivals.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Motorola should come up with the successor to the Pro, the Pro+, so quickly after the release of it’s predecessor. The Pro+ has a similar form factor but a more refined design that the Pro, sleeker lines and more curves. The CPU clocks at 1Ghz and it benchmarks favourably against other handsets with the same CPU. The screen size has increased and fortunately, so has the resolution which is now up to 480×640 or portrait VGA. Let’s see how this phone compares to the other physical keyboarded phones with touchscreens out there!


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Samsung Galaxy Note review

Samsung Galaxy Note reviewSamsung recently released the Samsung Galaxy S II which is arguably the best Android smartphone out at the moment (even possibly the best phone in any OS category) but they felt that having this title wasn’t enough, they wanted to own the title of biggest Android Smartphone in the world too. Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note’s 5.3″ monster of a screen. The screen is a SuperAMOLED HD screen with 1280×800 pixels producing a PPI of 285 which is quite stunning considering the screen’s size. Behind the hood are an 8mp camera, a 1.4 Ghz Dual Core processor, the ability to record in 1080p and 1GB RAM, so this is definitely one of the leading phones in the market specifications-wise.

However, the big question is: with the 5.3″ screen giving the phone the dimensions of 146.9 x 83mm, is the Samsung Galaxy Note too big to use for daily use, is it too big to be considered a proper phone or should it be considered a tablet with an in-built phone? Well read on to find out my opinion on this quite marvellous handset.

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ZTE Libra review

ZTE Libra review ZTE are a company that specialise in selling very good-for-your-money phones and the ZTE Libra is another well priced addition to their line-up.

ZTE aren’t a well advertised phone maker, in fact, before this review, I hadn’t personally heard of them myself. But I shall definitely be taking a look at their future line-up after using this phone.

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