By December 27, 2011

More on Nokia’s Lumia 900

nokia-lumia-900 We looked at the new Nokia Lumia 800 a few weeks ago and rumours of the Lumia 900 have been rife for weeks. Said to be a larger version of the Windows Phone 7 powered Lumia 800 but with a 4.3″ display coming in as the flagship WP7 handset.

No official news on the Lumia 900 as yet but a few new interesting tit-bits have surfaced of the last day or so. The chaps over at Pocket-lint have uncovered some interesting looking marketing material.

The leaked images, discovered just before Christmas were billed as the Nokia Lumia 800 coming in an array of new colours – yellow and white if you are interested.

However Pocket-lint believes, on closer inspection, that the marketing images found by French site MonWindowsPhone are in fact of the Nokia Lumia 900, not the Lumia 800.

Head over to Pocket-lint to see more.


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