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UK Mobile Network Price Increases

EEThe year 2013 has started off a little rocky for customers of O2 as ‘due to inflation’ they had to increase their price plans by 3.2% which meant that as an example, my contract that i took out was £21.50 but i now have to pay £22.19 which isn’t too bad at all considering but when you think of those people who opted for the £30+ tariffs, they will be hit quite hard by these increases.

The reason i am bringing this up now is due to the fact that in the last couple of days Orange and T-Mobile customers will have to suffer the same fate as those of us on O2 but their increases are 3.3% so slightly more annoying! The price increases will begin from April 10th for Orange customers and the 9th of may for T-Mobile customers, and I’m sorry to say that this could mean around £20 extra per year for those people on the higher tariffs.

So i ask you guys do you think it is right that mobile networks are ‘allowed’ in some cases to increase your tariffs if they feel it necessary? Here’s what a spokesperson for EE has to say on the increases:


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LG Launches 55-inch OLED TV

image004 Up until now, OLED technology has really only been avaialble in relatively small displays but as a display technology it’s pretty awesome.

Displays using OLED have been getting steadily larger and LG have just raised the bar massively with the launch of their new 55-inch OLED TV today.

This thing looks absolutely stunning and is a mere 4.5mm thick thin, making the LED competitors look positively chubby by comparison.

You can see the full details in the release below.


UK, 7th March 2013 LG Electronics (LG) announces today the arrival of the stunning, World’s first 55-inch OLED TV to the UK, showcased exclusively at Harrods Technology and available to customers on pre-order for delivery in July.

The LG OLED TV (55EM970V) ushers in a new era of TV screen technology, at just 4.5 millimetres thin and weighing less than 10 kilograms, yet producing exceptional picture quality and delivering spectacularly vivid and accurate colours due to its superior WRGB technology. LG’s OLED TV truly represents the future of TV and is the culmination of years of research and development, with the company committed to continued investment in this technology.

“We are proud to be the first in the world to offer consumers a big screen OLED TV,” said Brian Na, President of LG Electronics UK. “LG’s next generation display is a true game changer, which will forever alter the way we think about TVs. Since OLED TV was first unveiled, we’ve been working tirelessly to bring what we call ‘the ultimate display’ to market. I’m sure you’ll agree that our 55-inch OLED TV has definitely been worth the wait.

Andrew Mackay, UK Commercial Director of Home Entertainment and Home Appliances added: “Following the LG launch and supply to the Korean market earlier in the year, the UK is proud to be the next market to launch LG OLED TV, as this innovative and premium model launches first in Europe to UK consumers.” 

LG’s OLED TV combines the company’s leading Smart TV technology and Cinema 3D capabilities with edge-to-edge Cinema Screen Design, creating the most immersive and complete home entertainment experience with stunning style to match.

Since the LG OLED TV first debuted at a Trade Show in January 2012, it has received a number of accolades from prestigious international design associations and well regarded media outlets for both outstanding picture quality and truly exceptional design. In addition to being named Best of Show at CES 2012, the influential Industrial Designers Society of America recognised the 55EM970V with a coveted IDEA Award. Meanwhile, LG received the European Display Achievement 2012-2013 Award from the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) and the TV received Korea’s Good Design Award in October 2012.

The LG 55EM970V is available now at Harrods, Knightsbridge for pre-order with delivery in July, priced at an estimated £9,999.99. The new LG OLED joins LG’s other pioneering home entertainment technologies at Harrods Technology, including another World’s First in the 84″ ULTRA HD TV (84LM960V).

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Motorola RAZRi updated review on Jelly Bean

Motorola RAZRi First released in 2012, the Motorola RAZR i is an Android smartphone that represents an excellent deal for the mid range mobile market – powered by a 2 GHz Intel processor, the RAZR i has recently been updated to include Android’s Jelly Bean OS, with the effect of boosting its speed and tweaking its interface. With an edge to edge screen, and that Intel processor in place, why does the RAZR i come recommended?

In terms of size, the RAZR i measures 4.8 x 2.4 x 0.3 inches, and is roughly of the same weight as the current iPhone. However, the RAZR i is distinguished by its edge to edge Super AMOLED screen, which is secured by Kevlar and Gorilla Glass; the phone also comes with an 8 MP rear camera. The 4.3 inch screen has a decent 540 x 960 pixel display, and 256 ppi density, putting it in the mid range of current smartphone resolutions.

One of the key features of the RAZR is its 2 GHz Intel processor; a single core processor, the Intel Atom Medfield chip rivals dual and quad core technology through hyper threading. The RAZR i also comes with a 2000 maH battery, as well as connectivity for WiFi, GPS, HSDPA, NFC, and Bluetooth. GPS is similarly enabled for rapid synchronisation, meaning that the RAZR i is able to be set up for automatic detection of networks.

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HTC One stock update

htc-one_perleft_white_2 Just a quick piece of news regarding the HTC One. You can already go ahead and pre-order from eXpansys but the latest on stock is that they should be arriving on the 14th March and will ship immediately, so with customers on Friday 15th March, just in time for the weekend! 🙂

Head over to if you want to pre-order now.


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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is Official- Details and Screenshots

Assassins creed 4-7It has finally been announced! After the successes of Assassin’s Creed 3 Ubisoft announced last week that they would announce their new game with a trailer today Monday 4th of March, and they have done so much more than simply announcing the game they have brought us information about their new character, the settings and even how many development teams have been working on the game.its a huge 8 studios by the way! and they have been hard at work since 2011 so this game should be flipping good, and if Assassins creed 3 is anything to go by then gamers should be in for an incredible game.

In Assassins Creed 4 black flag you will play as Edward Kenway, Father of Haytham Kenway and grandfather to Connor Kenway the main character in Assassins Creed 3, now Edward is what you would call a ‘Loveable rogue’ he is a Pirate first and foremost but he is a Pirate who has evidently been trained by Assassins, but he is still a pirate at heart and such he is a womaniser also and he is also (oddly i might add) friendly with Blackbeard who in turn is scared stiff of Edward.  Edward carries 4 pistols, hidden blades and who can forget the two swords he carries too! So this Pirassassin (like what i did there?) is someone you don’t want to mess with.

The game is going to focus on around a 60/40 split between land gameplay and naval gameplay which will come as great news to those gamers (including myself) who absolutely loved the naval gameplay in Assassins Creed 3, but from what i can muster this naval gameplay will be much harder and there will be much more of it in the game which can only be a good thing, considering that the main character is a pirate after all!

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Beyond:Two Souls Willem Dafoe Announcement trailer with release date

beyond two soulsBeyond: Two Souls was announced back at E3 2012 and is the brand new game from the creators of the much publicised Heavy Rain which was quite frankly incredible for its time, with the character animations and facial expressions. But with this new game they’ve pushed the graphical aspects even further creating a really immersive experience for the gamer that really showcases what the company QuanticDream can do with technology.

I thought that this trailer was exciting because of how lifelike the character model is, quite unbelievable really, and things can only move forward now that we have the promise of Sony’s PS4 this christmas, this title though is a PS3 exclusive which is also what Heavy Rain was back in 2010.

BEYOND: Two Souls is a psychological action thriller starring Oscar nominee Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) in the lead role of Jodie Holmes and featuring Quantic Dream’s unique brand of gameplay.BEYOND tells the story of Jodie, a young woman who’s known since birth that she is different from everyone else. She possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to an invisible entity she calls Aidan  and this gift has changed her life forever. You play through 15 years of Jodie’s life during the game which suggest that the games creators are aiming for a very emotional experience for the gamers of the world.

Willem Dafoe (Platoon, Spider-Man) who will star as Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who works with Jodie to analyse her powers.

QuanticDream have released a North America release date of October 8th 2013 but have yet to release any information on other regions around the world but stay tuned for more information on this compelling game.

For now you can enjoy the trailer below.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 199: How was it for you?

Web bannerGareth and Dan get together to chat about Mobile World Congress 2013, the ups and downs, what it lacked and the highlights.

Featuring Gareth and Dan
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Remember Me Release Date with Trailer

remember me game

Remember me is an interesting game concept for a game as it is a third person game where you use no weapon throughout the whole game,  you instead have different abilities such as solid combat,  but the main feature of the game (as it mentions in the trailer) is memory remixing.

You play in a futuristic city called Neo-Paris in the future year of 2084,  Capcom, the games creator puts you in the shoes of a memory hunter named Nilin.  The name of the game is basically that she strives to recover her own memory by remixing others to change events in the future.

The original release date was scheduled for May this year but along with this trailer is the official later release date of June 4th in North America and the 7th in Europe,  hopefully this pushing back will give gamers around the world a great game.. Let’s wait and see I guess.

The trailer is below… Enjoy.

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Adonit Flip stylus video

jot_flip Stylus pens for touch screen devices are really nothing new, indeed the early touch screen phones and PDA’s all came with a stylus, they were pretty much essential.

However, as screens have evolved in to being almost exclusively capacitive technology the use of a stylus has become unnecessary and/or undesirable. That said, more and more people are looking for stylus options for use with their mobile devices, particularly with tablets where it makes sense to be able to hand write notes and sketches on the screen. Some tablets come with their own pens where with others you have to buy your own.

Now there are dozens of companies out there making hundreds of variations of pens that will work with capacitive screens. I’ve tried lots of these in the past and they range from cheap options that cost just a few pounds to much more expensive premium options. I’ve never been very impressed with any of the options out there, some have horrible rubber tips while the worst ones have actually scratched the surface of the display.

That’s where the Adonit Jot pens are way different. A few weeks ago a colleague showed me his Adonit Jot Flip that he has been using with his iPad. He let me borrow it and from that moment on I have been a convert. I’ve now got my own Jot Flip and use it all the time! The precision disc on the tip means that it glides safely over the screen while being really accurate. It has just the right amount of weight to give it that real quality feel and having the ink pen at the other end it a real boon too.

There are tons of apps out there that make great use of the stylus, there are a few that I have been using for the iPad but the pen otherwise works in the same way as your finger would. Of course it’s not just limited to the iPad, it’ll work with any device just as well.

So check out the little video below that I was compelled to share having used the pen so much!


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Eurogamer Expo 2013 tickets on sale

eurogamer_logo_colour1 This is just a quick post to tell you guys that from today tickets for the UK’s biggest gaming show have gone on sale at special prices for early bird adopters.

I was present at last year’s show and it was absolutely incredible and this year it can only be better with the promise of maybe two next gen consoles.. We already know about the PS4 but possibly by September the 26th when Eurogamer starts we will two consoles to drool over!

These ticket prices are sticking at the lower prices until May so not long to grab yours! Oh yes one other thing. If you are a Virgin Media customer there is a special price of £7.50 which is a massive 50% off!

I will be there this year covering it for so if you do buy tickets then you might well see me there too!

Get your tickets here:


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