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UK Mobile Network Price Increases

EEThe year 2013 has started off a little rocky for customers of O2 as ‘due to inflation’ they had to increase their price plans by 3.2% which meant that as an example, my contract that i took out was £21.50 but i now have to pay £22.19 which isn’t too bad at all considering but when you think of those people who opted for the £30+ tariffs, they will be hit quite hard by these increases.

The reason i am bringing this up now is due to the fact that in the last couple of days Orange and T-Mobile customers will have to suffer the same fate as those of us on O2 but their increases are 3.3% so slightly more annoying! The price increases will begin from April 10th for Orange customers and the 9th of may for T-Mobile customers, and I’m sorry to say that this could mean around £20 extra per year for those people on the higher tariffs.

So i ask you guys do you think it is right that mobile networks are ‘allowed’ in some cases to increase your tariffs if they feel it necessary? Here’s what a spokesperson for EE has to say on the increases:


"The terms and conditions state that prices can be increased mid-contract, by the same [rate] as the Retail Prices Index, customers are encouraged to read the terms and conditions and have a 14-day period in which to change their minds. If customers are unhappy they can break their contract if they pay a fee for leaving us early, We know prices rises are never great news, but we always aim to offer great value to our customers as well as the best service on the UK’s biggest network. Saying that, EE has launched a new scheme called "Fix Your Monthly Plan", which it says provides customers with the option to fix the price of their contract from as little as 50p per month.”


TescoMobileNow that i have got the bad news story out of the way here is a good one!

Tesco Mobile have promised that they WILL NOT increase their customers price tariffs mid-contract! This is fantastic news following the annoyance of O2 and now Orange and T-Mobiles increases.

Tesco Mobile have launched a scheme called ‘Tariff Promise’ which basically means that they will not increase the fixed price tariffs for its customers as the cost to the consumer would be too harsh, this is a fantastic time to be a Tesco Mobile customer as well because they have some of the best value Sim Only and Pay monthly deals on the market today, i know this because half of my close nit family are customers with them! So if you are scared of the price hikes at O2, Vodafone (who announced their increase last year)Orange/T-Mobile or Three (also announced theirs last year) then head on over to Tesco Mobile for some great deals that won;t be ruined by any such price increases.







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