By March 3, 2013

Remember Me Release Date with Trailer

remember me game

Remember me is an interesting game concept for a game as it is a third person game where you use no weapon throughout the whole game,  you instead have different abilities such as solid combat,  but the main feature of the game (as it mentions in the trailer) is memory remixing.

You play in a futuristic city called Neo-Paris in the future year of 2084,  Capcom, the games creator puts you in the shoes of a memory hunter named Nilin.  The name of the game is basically that she strives to recover her own memory by remixing others to change events in the future.

The original release date was scheduled for May this year but along with this trailer is the official later release date of June 4th in North America and the 7th in Europe,  hopefully this pushing back will give gamers around the world a great game.. Let’s wait and see I guess.

The trailer is below… Enjoy.

Remember Me Video




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