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Adonit Flip stylus video

jot_flip Stylus pens for touch screen devices are really nothing new, indeed the early touch screen phones and PDA’s all came with a stylus, they were pretty much essential.

However, as screens have evolved in to being almost exclusively capacitive technology the use of a stylus has become unnecessary and/or undesirable. That said, more and more people are looking for stylus options for use with their mobile devices, particularly with tablets where it makes sense to be able to hand write notes and sketches on the screen. Some tablets come with their own pens where with others you have to buy your own.

Now there are dozens of companies out there making hundreds of variations of pens that will work with capacitive screens. I’ve tried lots of these in the past and they range from cheap options that cost just a few pounds to much more expensive premium options. I’ve never been very impressed with any of the options out there, some have horrible rubber tips while the worst ones have actually scratched the surface of the display.

That’s where the Adonit Jot pens are way different. A few weeks ago a colleague showed me his Adonit Jot Flip that he has been using with his iPad. He let me borrow it and from that moment on I have been a convert. I’ve now got my own Jot Flip and use it all the time! The precision disc on the tip means that it glides safely over the screen while being really accurate. It has just the right amount of weight to give it that real quality feel and having the ink pen at the other end it a real boon too.

There are tons of apps out there that make great use of the stylus, there are a few that I have been using for the iPad but the pen otherwise works in the same way as your finger would. Of course it’s not just limited to the iPad, it’ll work with any device just as well.

So check out the little video below that I was compelled to share having used the pen so much!


Adonit Jot Flip


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