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Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag is Official- Details and Screenshots

Assassins creed 4-7It has finally been announced! After the successes of Assassin’s Creed 3 Ubisoft announced last week that they would announce their new game with a trailer today Monday 4th of March, and they have done so much more than simply announcing the game they have brought us information about their new character, the settings and even how many development teams have been working on the game.its a huge 8 studios by the way! and they have been hard at work since 2011 so this game should be flipping good, and if Assassins creed 3 is anything to go by then gamers should be in for an incredible game.

In Assassins Creed 4 black flag you will play as Edward Kenway, Father of Haytham Kenway and grandfather to Connor Kenway the main character in Assassins Creed 3, now Edward is what you would call a ‘Loveable rogue’ he is a Pirate first and foremost but he is a Pirate who has evidently been trained by Assassins, but he is still a pirate at heart and such he is a womaniser also and he is also (oddly i might add) friendly with Blackbeard who in turn is scared stiff of Edward.  Edward carries 4 pistols, hidden blades and who can forget the two swords he carries too! So this Pirassassin (like what i did there?) is someone you don’t want to mess with.

The game is going to focus on around a 60/40 split between land gameplay and naval gameplay which will come as great news to those gamers (including myself) who absolutely loved the naval gameplay in Assassins Creed 3, but from what i can muster this naval gameplay will be much harder and there will be much more of it in the game which can only be a good thing, considering that the main character is a pirate after all!

"He’s a young British man who, at the end of the 18th century, finds himself out of work as a privateer for the Royal Navy," explains Lead game content manager, Carston Myhill. "Peace breaks out in the Caribbean and across the world and he finds himself out of work and hungry and, like many other sailors at that time, takes to piracy. He’s a fearsome fighter, a charismatic captain, he has a way with the ladies, he’s a hard drinker. He’s very different to previous Assassins."

The game is set in the 18th Century Caribbean – known as the West Indies back then and is a is a fully realised world of islands to explore, perilous waters to cross, hidden coves to discover and the Assassins staple of living cities of which there are going to be 3 main cities but overall there will be 50 places to explore which is more than we’ve ever seen in an Assassins Creed game previously. These cities that Edward will explore are Havana, Kingston and finally the Pirate Haven named Nassau and this is where Blackbeard and his Republic of Pirates made their home.

It’s this newly created Republic of Pirates that creates the setting for Black Flag. As the pirates take to the seas, Edward will be a part of skull branded history alongside Blackbeard, Ben Hornigold, Anne Bonny and Calico Jack. As always, Ubisoft are sticking to the history of the time and, among other events, we’ll witness the legendary sinking of the Spanish Armada, the marooning of Charles Vane (only this time, he’s got Edward Kenway, a bottle of rum and a pistol) and the pirates explosive escape from Nassau.

Black Flag won’t be packed with pieces of eight or talking parrots as Ubisoft is trying to steer away from a traditional eye patch packed pirate adventure. Pointing no peglegs at Pirates Of The Caribbean of course. "We feel that this is a real opportunity for Assassin’s Creed to redefine piracy", says creative director Guesdon who has worked on the franchise for six years. "The people that populated this era were so audacious that there’s no need for ghost shops and sea monsters."

All in all this game sounds very exciting and i look forward to getting hands on at this years Eurogamer Expo so stay tuned for that!

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