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Google to stand with HTC against Apple patent claims

Apple-v-HTC As it has been widely reported, HTC’s share price has fallen considerably following the ITC’s preliminary decision to uphold Apple’s claims that HTC have violated a number of it patents with technology used in several HTC smartphones currently on sale.

However, for HTC it would seem help is at hand from Google. During Google’s Mobile Evolution conference held in Tokyo chairman, Eric Schmidt, delivered a speech wherein he said that Google would support HTC against Apple and that he was confident that ‘HTC would ultimately prevail over Apple.’

Following the statement HTC shares have recovered somewhat this afternoon.

If the ITC’s final decision goes against HTC it could lead to the sales of HTC handsets being blocked in the USA and, by association, spells big trouble for all manufacturers that use Android OS on their phones.


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Star Front Collision review on Android

When it comes to games on the Android platform there isn’t too much of large, lavish and ambitious titles. Especially when compared to the iPhone. Its getting there but the platform still has a bit way to go before it can be considered a gaming platform.

So, it takes a large company like Gameloft to put together the more ambitious graphical titles. Love them or hate them Gameloft have an impressive line up.
As with many of their games Star Front is an obvious copy of a bigger game on another platform. Just as Modern Combat borrows from the Modern Warfare games in the Call of Duty barrel and Shadow Guardian has an uncanny resemblance to Uncharted on the PlayStation, Star Front conjures up a familiar feeling of the Star Craft games on the PC. Whilst one could say this lacks imagination other will be pleasured to play their favourite games on the go.

Right from the word go Star Front looks good, and feeling a lot like the Star Craft 2 it mimics.

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Acer announce the Aspire 5755 Notebook


Blimey, yet another product announced from Acer. This time a Notebook with some pretty impressive specs.

Users’ needs evolve and computers must adapt to them. Work is only a fraction of all the activities we carry out with our laptops; multimedia watching and creation, entertainment and gaming make up the other big part.

Acer, always in tune with users’ needs, developed the Acer 5755 to be perfect for unforgettable entertainment, perfect for everyday computing, perfect for smooth multitasking. Combining excellent graphic capabilities and optimal processing power, these laptops can easily handle everyday tasks.

The Aspire 5755 take advantage of the second generation Intel® Core processor family, delivering smart performance that adapts to users’ needs and dynamic processing power for music, gaming, videos, movies, photos, social networking and other demanding mainstream applications. Thanks to Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and heightened media capabilities, these laptops offer smart performance and advanced graphic capabilities for smoother content creation and enjoyment. What’s more, they combine superior computing power with energy efficiency.


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Desktop SMS for Android Beta available.

desktopsmsKoush has recently been working on a solution for making our lives easier when it comes to sending and receiving SMS messages on multiple devices. They just released an application entitled DesktopSMS. You can choose to use the service via Gmail or via Gchat or both as well as others:

You can use your favourite IM client (Beejive, Trillian, etc) or email client to send text messages from your phone number!

  • Step 1) Install Desktop SMS on your *phone*.
  • Step 2) Install a chat client or use gmail on your desktop PC or tablet (like a XOOM)
  • Step 3) Have a friend send you an SMS, and respond from your desktop PC or tablet!

This is an open beta, so be prepared for bugs.

Although the app is now available for you to try, it is still in an open BETA status. Which means there might still be some bugs to work out. @Koush will be all over making this flawless and wonderful, have no fear of that.

If you want to get going with this app, go check out his site and get the install needed to get going.

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Everything Everywhere gets a new CEO


Everything Everywhere CEO, Tom Alexander has decided to end his time with the company and is passing over leadership to Olaf Swantee as from September 1st.

Alexander but will continue to advise the company, and support Olaf in the transition, until the end of the year.

Tom Alexander joined Orange in 2008 as CEO of the UK business with a wealth of experience in telecommunications. He became CEO of Everything Everywhere when the company was officially formed on 1st July 2010 following the merger of Orange UK and T-Mobile UK.

Tom Alexander said: “It’s been my privilege to serve Everything Everywhere these past twelve months, and Orange before that. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished: we conducted a rapid integration of the new company, completing a companywide restructuring, and maintained good commercial momentum throughout, delivering record retention levels and growth on our contract customer base across both brands. There is never an easy time to leave a company that you care deeply for but, for personal reasons, I feel now is a good moment to step back. I am delighted to welcome Olaf into his new role. Olaf will be an excellent CEO and leader for Everything Everywhere moving forward. I’d like to thank my team and all the staff at Everything Everywhere for their great work and support, and to wish them all continuing success in the future.”


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Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo review

XperiaNeo-Main Although this is the last of the three new devices launched at MWC in February, it doesn’t mean it’s an insignificant or ‘bad’ phone. Despite sitting below the Arc, the imaging capabilities headline the neo’s feature list along with all of the usual gizmos you’d expect from a reasonably high-end smartphone.

The Xperia Neo builds on from the success of the Vivaz, as well as Sony Ericsson’s new aversion to proper capitalisation. Even so, the neo is packed with features that make this a formidable all-rounded Android device – a Bravia enhanced 3.7 inch touchscreen borrowed from Sony TVs and an Exmor camera sensor borrowed from the Cybershot range gives it the credentials on paper, but how does it perform in real world use?

Read on to find out!


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iUsers gives iPad multiple user profile support

ipad-iusers If you share you iPad with one or more other people then you’ll know that there is nothing more annoying than when they alter all of your user settings and move your icons.

There is a solution right around the corner though as iUsers creates multiple user profiles and adds a log in button to your iPad. It sets aside an area for each users preferences and app data so you each can have their own unique setup.

There is just one drawback though. In order to use iUsers you must have a jailbroken iPad and download the app through Cydia. Probably not ideal for the masses perhaps.

I’d love to see this released though the Apple App Store but I fear there is little hope of that, there is more chance that Apple will add the functionality natively than that.

If you want to see iUsers in action check out the video below.


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Win one of 3 Samsung Galaxy Mini’s

Samsung Galaxy Mini We started our review of the Samsung Galaxy Mini last week and our review unit came courtesy of Three.

The tiny Samsung Galaxy Mini weighs just 108 grams but still boasts the power to keep you connected on the go.

To celebrate Three bringing the power of all-you-can-eat data to Pay As You Go from just £15, we’re offering three lucky readers the chance to get their hands on one. Pre-loaded with a PAYG SIM offering all-you-can-eat data, you’ll be free to stream, download, tweet and surf the web without ever worrying about the cost – there literally are no limits.

For more details, visit

As with all of our competitions, entering is easy. All you have to do is follow tracyandmatt on Twitter and retweet the following tweet: "RT @tracyandmatt I’m hoping to win a Samsung Galaxy Mini from #Three with unlimited PAYG data – Find out more:" You can also click the retweet link below to save you copying and pasting the phrase. Your twitter name will be entered in to the draw. You’ll have to keep following us as we’ll notify winners via DM.


This competition will run until the end of July, ending Sunday 31st July 2011. This competition is open to UK residents only as the phone and SIM will only work here. Entrants will need to continue to follow @tracyandmatt on twitter in order for us to get in touch with the winner.

The winner will be chosen at random within two weeks of the competition closing and the prize will be sent to the winner directly.


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HTC Gratia unboxing video

htc-gratia-white-m The HTC Gratia isn’t a new phone, it has actually been on sale for months. Hands up if you’ve seen one? I think this could be one of the most unnoticed phones out there at the moment. Announced fairly quietly back in November of last year the Gratia went on sale equally quietly, no big press events or even any announcements or press releases that I recall.

I have to say right now that I think it’s a real shame that the HTC Gratia hasn’t had more exposure. I actually think it’s a good little phone. You can think of it as being an Android version of the HTC HD mini that we reviewed back in April of last year. In fact one of the comments we made in the review is that the mini would have been better if it had Android rather than Windows Mobile 6.5.3. So some months later we got our wish!

The HTC Gratia is a premium, compact, entry-level Android smartphone. The CPU and RAM may now be less than we’ve come to expect from this end of the market but you cant fault the build quality of the HTC.

Full review coming up soon but for now I leave you with the unbox and demo below.


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Windows Phone powered ZTE phone images leaked

ZTE-WPC11_thumbA few days ago James and I went to an event in London where ZTE announced that they would commence selling their phones here in the UK SIM-free under their own brand name rather than through carriers.

The new phones that ZTE are going to launch here, ZTE Skate, ZTE Libra and ZTE Tureis, are all running Android. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen any ZTE handset running anything other than Android.

However! There have been a number of leaked images of a certain ZTE phone running Windows Phone thought to be one of a few new devices to be running the new ‘Mango’ version of Windows Phone.

According to a post on NEOWIN:

Dr. Luo Zhong Sheng, General Manager of Mobile Communications at ZTE gave us a better look at the upcoming ZTE device that will also be running Mango out of the box. The image he posted on Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) seems to be quite a lot different than the image taken at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 last week. He also mentioned that whilst ZTE produce Android devices already, he believes Windows Phone will eventually outperform Android in terms of market share.

We look forward to seeing what ZTE have in store for us!


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