By July 17, 2011

iUsers gives iPad multiple user profile support

ipad-iusers If you share you iPad with one or more other people then you’ll know that there is nothing more annoying than when they alter all of your user settings and move your icons.

There is a solution right around the corner though as iUsers creates multiple user profiles and adds a log in button to your iPad. It sets aside an area for each users preferences and app data so you each can have their own unique setup.

There is just one drawback though. In order to use iUsers you must have a jailbroken iPad and download the app through Cydia. Probably not ideal for the masses perhaps.

I’d love to see this released though the Apple App Store but I fear there is little hope of that, there is more chance that Apple will add the functionality natively than that.

If you want to see iUsers in action check out the video below.


iUsers Demo

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