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Blaq Review

Blaq-LogoFor those of you that have not heard of Blaq, it is a new Twitter application for BlackBerry. If you don’t have a BlackBerry then I will excuse you for not reading any further!

This review has gone live on the site today to coincide with the launch of Blaq as today is Blaq Friday! This new app has been in great demand for some time now, although it has been available as a closed beta for for a lucky few.  Was it worth the wait and how does it compare to the others already out there?

Read on to find out.


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ARM detail new Cortex-A15 core processor design

ARM's Cortex-A15 Architecture Will Make Your iPhone 4 Look DecrepitThink your shiny new device with an Apple A4, a Sammy Hummingbird or Qualcomm Snapdragon is powerful? Well ARM are back once again to restore that feeling of inadequacy with the ridiculous new ‘Eagle’ SoC; the Cortex A15. Capable of up to 2.5GHz speeds, address up to a terabyte of memory, and with 4 cores (four!) the A15’s 32nm and 28nm fabrication means that these potent little chips are also more power efficient. Sadly, A15’s destined for smartphones will most probably be ‘only’ single or dual core versions at ‘only’ 1 to 1.5GHz. The faster quad-core versions mark ARM’s intentions to break into a bigger market, as these are destined for tablets, cars, set-top boxes and even small servers. It doesn’t stop there either – versions with eight cores or more are possible, though they would only live in enterprise infrastructure solutions. The named licensees so far include Texas Instruments, Samsung and ST Ericsson.

Now all we need are super-batteries to juice these up.


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T-Mobile USA – G2 Pre Order

T-Mog2T-Mobile USA have made an official announcement regarding the G2. The re-branded HTC device is now available for T-Mobile customers to pre order.

Here in the UK we have our own HTC press event next Wednesday (15th) in London. I wonder what we will get to play with?

This is what T-Mobile USA had to say on the G2:


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Blaq for Twitter is coming


If you are a BlackBerry user you may have heard about a cool new Twitter app coming soon – called Blaq.

Well, if all goes to plan then it will be tomorrow that the app is launched and I can tell you that it is rather impressive.

We were lucky enough to be one of the few tech sites chosen worldwide to get an early copy to review so if you are going to consider downloading Blaq tomorrow you may want to check back with us in the morning as our full review will be online.

If you have been waiting to the app for sometime then all I can say is “Good things come to those who wait”.

Tomorrow is Blaq Friday!


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iOS 4.1 Available for Download

Galaxy TabWell iOS 4.1 is finally here after Steve Jobs announced it’s new features last week at the annual Apple music event in San Francisco. Mr Jobs announced many things in iOS 4.1 including bug fixes to do with the proximity sensor and iOS 4 running incredibly slow on the iPhone 3G. But the main features of the new update are HDR photos, 720p upload over Wi-Fi and the debut of Game Center, Apple’s version of Xbox Live. See detailed description of new features here. .

iOS 4.1 is available for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 2nd gen, iPod touch 3rd gen, and the iPod touch 4th gen, so go download it now if you already haven’t! Still no word of Jailbreak yet though…

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Coming soon to Three – Samsung GALAXY Tab

Galaxy Tab

Three has confirmed it will be ranging the Samsung GALAXY Tab (GT-P1000). Samsung’s Android flagship Tablet.

A network built for mobile Internet, Three will provide fast and reliable 3G connectivity for the Samsung GALAXY Tab, making the most of product features such as phone functionality, front and rear facing cameras for video calls, downloading e-books, using GPS and searching the Internet with full Flash capability.

Nigel Field, Director of Devices at Three said, “With both the Android and tablet markets going from strength to strength, we’re proud to be ranging the Samsung GALAXY Tab. More than 97% of Three traffic over the network is data, so more than ever consumers need to make sure they’re on a network that can cope with the demand when buying mobile Internet devices like tablets. With both SIM and Wi-Fi connectivity, Samsung GALAXY Tab users on Three can get the most out of the product knowing they’re with the UK’s number one mobile broadband provider.”

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The much-anticipated Nokia N8 will be on-sale at the Nokia Online Shop for £429 SIM free or on contract from £35 per month.

Pre-order now at to make sure you’re one of the first to get a Nokia N8 when it goes on sale exclusively at the Nokia Online Shop during the last week of September.

The Nokia N8 will also be available from Carphone Warehouse, O2, Orange, Phones4u, T-Mobile, Tesco Phone Shops, Three Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone from Friday 1st October.

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Innopocket Hexapose stand for iPad

IMG_1547 A few weeks ago Innopocket sent me an email saying that they’d just launched a new stand for the Apple iPad; the Hexapose Stand. Having seen the product shots and knowing how popular the iPad has become among our readers I thought it would be a good idea to request one to review.

After cases I suspect that iPad holders or stands are the next big accessory that iPad owners are likely to buy. There are plenty out there now but the thing that initially attracted me to the Hexapose was that it is made from aluminium and looks a little like the stand you’ll find on an Apple iMac. It’s also poseable in 6 different positions, hence the Hex in Hexapose, in both portrait and landscape orientations.

The whole unit arrives in a fairly small box and requires the simplest of assembly, just a couple of screws to hand tighten. As you’ll see in the video below, it’s easy to put together and use and furthermore holds the iPad secure enough to be safe whilst still making it easy to remove when you need to.


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 87: The French are coming!

MTA Banner

After a long break Andy sweeps back into the proceedings in tonight’s podcast. Archos launch 5 new Android tablets, the Dell Streak gets a 2.1 update briefly, Motorola get a bit of a bashing and Orange announce their new HD take on audio.

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, James, Matt and Andy

Show Notes

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Galaxy Tab – UK & EU prices confirmed, rest of world confused


While we’ve just got a confirmed price for Samsung’s hotly awaited Galaxy Tab, it seems the rest of the world is still in confusion. UK retailers have price the 16GB version at £616.88 (inc VAT), that just over $800.  This price is for a SIM-free version so it does appear that the device will be priced rivalling a high end phone (which are always expensive) as opposed to rivalling the Netbook sector that tablets are expected to eclipse next year.  Similar high prices are popping up in the EU with having the device for €699 and €799 for the 16GB and 32GB versions respectively (that’s over $800 or $1000!), which is perilously close to the price of the Apple device it’s meant to be rivalling.

These seem to be upper estimates though, as O2 Germany later confirmed a price of €99 for the device and a further €27.50 for the line rental over 24 months.  This ties in closely with Samsung executive Hankil Yoon’s figures of $200 and $300 given in the Wall Street Journal.  This would seem more accurate as at this price point, the Tab’s closest contract rival now becomes Dell’s Streak, a device that has already laid the table for Android tablets and mobile operators.  Of course, the Tab betters in most departments and with the right contract and initial outlay, UK operator Vodafone could have a worthy alternative to Dell and Apple’s devices.  Galaxy Tab tariffs are expected to be announced next month on Vodafone throughout the EU.


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