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South Yorkshire Police get a BlackBerry solution (Video)


I know this isn’t really mobile news but I think it is pretty interesting not only as I’m a BlackBerry fan but it’s nice to see corporate organizations are still turning to BlackBerry when we hear so much about how many are switching away from BlackBerry to iOS and Android.

As you will see in the video below South Yorkshire Police have conducted a trial and currently have issued 1000 BlackBerry devices to their staff with a view to roll out a further 2000.

The whole point of this is to make officers more efficient and the study has proven this. Of course the force has a couple of special applications that you and I wont get our hands on. This will give officers access to certain databases which historically they would have needed to be in the police station to use.

See the video after the break:

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Revolabs xTag USB Wireless Microphone unboxing video

xtag1 If you are a regular Skype user like me or you do a lot of voice dictation then having a good quality microphone is a must. However the next feature you may look for is wireless connectivity. I personally find hands-free or rather wire-free podcasting much more convenient.

The problem is that all too often the lack of cable also leads to a lack of quality. But with the Revolabs xTag Microphone you get quality and convenience, a wearable microphone and headphone combination.

The Revolabs xTag Microphone is a wireless microphone ideal for business schools or even video calling family and friends. With crystal clear clarity your audience will hear every single word. The microphone is light, slim and can be attached to a lapel or use the lanyard supplied. Using the lastest in audio technology to make sure you get heard.

Below you’ll find a brief unboxing video and we’ll have the review up for you soon. is currently offering the xTag Microphone and the Facevision TouchCam N1 Webcam as an exclusive bundle.

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Orange launch the Android San Francisco


Orange have this week launched there own branded super cool Android 2.1 device which on PAYG will retail for a mere £99.

As you will see below the device had pretty good specs for the money and if you read on you will also see the video that Conor from Orange recorded giving a brief demo. I have just spoken with Conor who conformed that the San Francisco should be in some retail stores now and will appear online at the end of the week.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 89: Ham Tomato and Cheese

Web banner Gareth, Matt, Tracy and Andy enjoy a lovely little chat about HTC’s recent announcement, the Blackberry Torch 9800, Networks woes, Carphone Warehouse’s new concept and James’ embarrassing and personal medical procedure

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Regulars – Gareth, Matt, Tracy and Andy
Cameo from James

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BlackBerry Torch 9800 now available from Clove


The only way you would have missed RIM’s new flagship device is if you’ve been living under a technological rock, but luckily for you, you can see our unboxing of the BlackBerry Torch here. If you have seen it before and are considering buying one, pop over to our friends at where they have now got the 9800 in stock. While it was at pre-order, it demanded a pretty hefty £522.88 inc VAT, but now you can grab one sim-free for £481.75, right on time (if not slightly early!) for the predicted late September release.

Click here to place your order.


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Eken M001 Android Tablet review

Eken M001 Android Tablet review The rise of cheap Android tablet computing was arguably due to start a while ago but so far, we haven’t seen many (if any) of such tablets that are compelling enough to be considered a serious contender. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab could be the one to change all that but as of right now, Apple’s iPad still sits at the top of the pile as far as consumer tablets go. What we have here is one of the first Android tablets on the scene, the Eken m001. There are many rebrands and variants of it such as the ‘apad’ but they are all essentially the same device. It was designed as a low cost entry into tablet computing, but does the low price give us an indication of its quality?

You’ll have to read on to find out!

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Hauwei IDEOS unboxing video

huawei-ideos_1 A few weeks ago we were invited to the Huawei IDEOS launch event and managed to get our hands on the new Android device for a brief demo video. We have been impressed with this new little handset from Huawei, not least because it’s the first to ship with Android 2.2, but also because it is literally packed with features that you would expect to find on higher-end devices; capacitive touchscreen, turn-by-turn navigation and compass to mention just a few. Incredible when you learn that the price of the IDEOS is set to be between £99 and £129 when launched!

On Saturday I managed to get my hands on the full retail version of the Huawei IDEOS and recorded an unboxing and demo video for you which you will find below. We’ll have a full review for you over the next few weeks.

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PCmover Ultimate


Laplink Services, the global leader in PC connectivity, has launched PCmover Ultimate. PC Mover is the only software that moves programs, files and setting from an old PC to a new PC.

PCmover provides the easiest and quickest solution for moving applications, games, settings and data from one pc to another. It can also conduct an in-place upgrade of an existing PC to Windows® 7 and restore the image of an old Windows PC (or hard drive) to a new PC without overwriting the new operating system.

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Android Froyo not ideal for tablet

New ImageMost the tablets that were heading our way in the next few months seem to be were on the Android 2.2 Froyo. Now for a real shocker, in a recent revelation from Google who announced this version of Android isn’t suited for a tablet environment. This was revealed by Google’s director of products for mobile, Hugo Barra, who went on record saying: “Froyo is not optimized for use on tablets.” However, there was the hint of future versions of Android being devoid of this shortcoming.

Check after the link for more:

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FaceVision FV TouchCam N1 unboxing video

FV_TouchCam_N1_side If you’ve ever used a webcam for talking to friends over MSN or Skype the chances are you’ve been limited to QVGA or maybe VGA quality video. Webcams tend to yield noisy, grainy results. However FaceVision are looking to change all this with their FV TouchCam N1 HD webcam which, I believe, is the first HD webcam to make it to market.

Capable of 720p at up to 22fps the N1 compresses and sends the video with H.264 compression. At the moment the N1 is only compatible with Windows PC’s running Skype 4.2 (with a special driver provided) but I hope that Mac version will be made available soon.

The Gadget Show are going to feature the N1 later in the week here in the UK but you saw it here first! The FV TouchCam N1 HD is currently exclusive to so head over there if you want to pick one up!

The unboxing video follows:

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