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Blackberry Torch Available for Pre-Order

Blackberry Torch

RIM’s first slider phone, the Blackberry Torch 9800, is now available for pre-order on Vodafone. But it is going cost a small fortune! As for a £20 a month contract you will need to shell out £400 just for the phone! And the only way you can get out of the £400 is by paying £40 a month, and did I mention that all contracts are 24 months? Oh, and to top it off, the data cap is at a measly 500MB on all contracts. RIM and Vodafone really got you by the balls on this one!

But if you still want the Torch after the insane cost, you do get some nice features. Such as a 3.2″ capacitive touchscreen, OS 6 with a real browser and universal search, the famous Blackberry keyboard but in slide format this time and a 5MP camera.

Anyway, if you do pre-order today, you should expect it to ship by September 27th.

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Vodafone taking pre-orders on the Blackberry Torch


Vodafone has just announced that it will be accepting pre-order or the Blackberry Torch from today. Seemingly it is going to be free on £40 a month contracts however a £20 a month contract will see you shelling out a whopping £400 and being roped into a 24 month contract. The Data bundles included only manage to hit 500mbs which is a paltry amount for a phone that relies so heavily on the internet.

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Nokia announces a selection of new Symbian devices


Today at Nokia World in London the company have officially announced three new smartphones all powered by their Symbian platform to join the already announced Nokia N8. 

Here is the official word from Nokia:

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Sony Ericsson Zylo unboxing video

Zylo It’s been a while since we looked at a non-smartphone from Sony Ericsson. In the past we’ve reviewed several handsets within their Walkman range and we thought it was about time that we reviewed some more!

So we’re starting out with the new Zylo. The Zylo is available from around £120 SIM-free and from free with a contract. It represents pretty good value for money with 3G connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1, Google Maps, MP4 playback, 3MP camera supporting Geo-tagging and Twitter, Facebook and YouTube clients.

Over the next week or so we’ll be putting the Sony Ericsson Zylo to the test and we’ll have the full review for you soon. Until then have a look at the unboxing video below to see what’s on offer.


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Nokia giving N8’s away! (For £35 a month)

Nokia_N8 No Nokia haven’t fallen on such hard times that they are giving their latest handsets away, but three of the major operators (Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2) have confirmed you can walk out of their doors with a shiny new N8 without handing over a penny.  The catch?  Well, you’ll instead hand over £35 a month to them for the next 2 years so ok, it’s not quite the offer it first appears.  In fact this is right in the mid to high-end handset sweet spot of £30-35 / 24, putting the N8 up against big Android players like the Galaxy S and Desire, but still representing better value than the year old iPhone 3GS.  At that price, it may even have to defend it’s 12mp Symbian^3 OLED screen equipped self against a kicking from the soon-to-be-revealed Windows Phone 7 devices.  This quarter is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in mobile tech for years.


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