By September 14, 2010

Nokia giving N8’s away! (For £35 a month)

Nokia_N8 No Nokia haven’t fallen on such hard times that they are giving their latest handsets away, but three of the major operators (Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2) have confirmed you can walk out of their doors with a shiny new N8 without handing over a penny.  The catch?  Well, you’ll instead hand over £35 a month to them for the next 2 years so ok, it’s not quite the offer it first appears.  In fact this is right in the mid to high-end handset sweet spot of £30-35 / 24, putting the N8 up against big Android players like the Galaxy S and Desire, but still representing better value than the year old iPhone 3GS.  At that price, it may even have to defend it’s 12mp Symbian^3 OLED screen equipped self against a kicking from the soon-to-be-revealed Windows Phone 7 devices.  This quarter is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in mobile tech for years.


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