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Blackberry tablet thoughts

zimbabwe black

Here are some interesting points from Berryreview regarding the recent rumblings about RIM considering a Blackberry based pad.

Scott Moritz of The Street had the following to say (summarized):

  • RIM is rethinking its tablet strategy
  • They originally planned on releasing a Android based tablet by the end of this year but decided instead to base it on the BlackBerry 6 OS they showed of at WES
  • This decision to use BlackBerry 6 has pushed off its release date to early next year
  • RIM will market the tablet to the consumer market instead of their usual enterprise approach
  • The device will supposedly use the Marvell Armada processor instead of Intel or other offerings

Take all of this with a grain of salt since it is coming from analysts who are paid to speculate. Still its disheartening to see that once again RIM is playing the catch up game with Apple.

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Updated: Vodafone are about to rip you off.


Some interesting news which was just found tonight and is sending shockwaves through gadget fans in the UK is that from 1st June 2010, Vodafone will change the conditions on charging for data use on mobile phones.

At present all phones with exception to the iPhone and Nexus One can have a data package of 500MB Fair Use added for £5 a month but until now you could go over that mark without fear of running up a bill.  This will change from June with Vodafone charging another £5 for 500MB of internet use which has had people on Moneysaving Expert & Vodafone eForum fuming.

To compare, T-Mobile offer 3GB data with ALL Android phones as a free part of your package, the same 3GB on Vodafone will now cost you £30!


Our roving report Chris hassled Vodafone and they confirmed it all:


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Orange UK Announces Data Plans for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G

Oange iPad

Orange today announced that it is extending its partnership with Apple to offer new iPad plans for customers in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Switzerland. The partnership between Orange and Apple, which has already seen iPhone launch with Orange in 30 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa, will extend later in 2010 with the launch of iPad in additional Orange markets.

Orange UK will offer tailored 3G data plans for iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, from 10th May, and will launch a pre-registration site for SIM’s at Pay-as-you-consume, daily, weekly and monthly data plans will be available, providing the freedom to choose a type of plan depending on usage.

More after the break.

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UK Apple iPad Prices

iPad 2

We mentioned earlier that the iPad is coming to UK shores very shortly, May 28th will be the UK release date, and we now have had the prices confirmed. They are as follows:

£429 (inc. VAT) for 16GB Wi-Fi iPad
£499 (inc. VAT) for 32GB Wi-Fi iPad
£599 (inc. VAT) for 64GB Wi-Fi iPad
£529 (inc. VAT) for 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad
£599 (inc. VAT) for 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad
£699 (inc. VAT) for 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad

As expected we are getting charged a lot more here in the UK than our friends over in the States.

To compare: The 16GB Wi-Fi pad in the States is $499 which equates to £330. Yet we are being charged £429!

The 64GB 3G iPad in the States is $829 which equates to £549. We pay £699.

So I am afraid that if you want an iPad here in the UK you will be ripped off! Why are Apple doing this? I think the answer is because they can.

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iPad Available in Nine More Countries on May 28

1004ipad_hometimes Well it looks like the wait is almost over. As you can tell from the headline above, Apple have announced the release date for nine extra countries, including the UK, with pre-orders beginning on May 10th.

The full list of nine is Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

We still don’t have any idea on prices quite yet, but I’m guessing that that will be obvious in a couple of days.

The full press release is after the break.

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The official excuse from Sony Ericssson on the X10 software upgrade

x10 0

The below is a statement released by Sony Ericsson regarding when the X10 will be eligible for an upgrade to Android 2.1

“Thanks for your patience concerning more information about software upgrades.
UXP (UX platform) is the strategic framework for the core of Sony Ericsson’s portfolio. The XperiaT X10 family of phones (XperiaT X10, XperiaT X10 mini and XperiaT X10 mini pro) are the first products to deliver this unique user interface layer to the market. UXP builds on top of the Android OS and brings together a rich graphical user interface, unrivalled service plug-ins and content from external partners to deliver unique consumer propositions such as Sony Ericsson’s signature applications Mediascape and TimescapeT. Through UXP consumers get the best of two worlds, leveraging Sony Ericsson heritage as a leader in communication entertainment and the benefits that the generic Android OS delivers. With UXP Sony Ericsson gives consumers additional value in comparison to generic Android handsets. Sony Ericsson’s strategy is to continue to enrich the UXP layer through software updates.

Some examples of user benefits that will be included in the UXP upgrade for XperiaT X10 in Q4 2010 are:
– Upgrade to Android OS version 2.1
– HD video recording as per the same execution as Sony Ericsson VivazT
– Wireless home connectivity via DLNA
– Improvements to signature applications TimescapeT and Mediascape to make them even smarter and richer

The upgrade will be made available to consumers through the update service at

I do appreciate that the timing for the upgrade above might not meet some of your expectations and that you will have further detailed questions. I will take them onboard reading your comments and address questions as soon as it is possible for me to share further details.

I would also like to emphasise that there will be an additional smaller software update, already in the next couple of weeks aiming to enhance the usability and performance of XperiaT X10. In the next post, I will share more details and precise timings for when this update will be released.

We can also confirm that the XperiaT X10 mini and XperiaT X10 mini pro will be upgraded to Android version 2.1, during Q4 2010.

More details with regards to the specific components of the UXP upgrade will be shared over time through official Sony Ericsson channels including this blog.


Please use our forum to vent your frustration!!!

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iPad UK price announced

photoTechradar have stolen a march on the rest of us and got the official word from Apple on the iPad price and availability here in the UK.

We already know that it will be available to pre-order on the 10th May but added to this we now know the release date is the 28th May:-

iPad UK pricing

Apple’s suggested retail prices are as follows:

£429 (inc. VAT) for 16GB Wi-Fi iPad

£499 (inc. VAT) for 32GB Wi-Fi iPad

£599 (inc. VAT) for 64GB Wi-Fi iPad

£529 (inc. VAT) for 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad

£599 (inc. VAT) for 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad

£699 (inc. VAT) for 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G iPad

iPad will be sold through the Apple Store, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorised Resellers. The iBooks app for iPad including Apple’s iBookstore will be available as a free download from the App Store on 28 May. Full Press Release is here.

Via Tech Radar

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