By May 7, 2010

Blackberry tablet thoughts

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Here are some interesting points from Berryreview regarding the recent rumblings about RIM considering a Blackberry based pad.

Scott Moritz of The Street had the following to say (summarized):

  • RIM is rethinking its tablet strategy
  • They originally planned on releasing a Android based tablet by the end of this year but decided instead to base it on the BlackBerry 6 OS they showed of at WES
  • This decision to use BlackBerry 6 has pushed off its release date to early next year
  • RIM will market the tablet to the consumer market instead of their usual enterprise approach
  • The device will supposedly use the Marvell Armada processor instead of Intel or other offerings

Take all of this with a grain of salt since it is coming from analysts who are paid to speculate. Still its disheartening to see that once again RIM is playing the catch up game with Apple.

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