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Motorola is working on the Google’s Nexus Two?


In an earnings call last week Samsung co-CEO and handset chief Sanjay Jha said the 20-strong line-up of a Samsung’s range of new smartphones this year would include "one direct-to-consumer device with Google".

The move will boost the troubled manufacturer’s fortunes. Motorola is looking to recover from poor performance in the final quarter of 2009 in the face of concerted competition from Nokia and Apple.

Motorola did, however, perform slightly better than analysts had predicted, with share prices looking stronger in late-2009 than they had during the same period in the previous year.

Motorola believes that in the first half of 2010 it will make a loss, although analysts are more upbeat and expect to see a return to profitability.

Jha commented: "We are just at the beginning stage of our transition to a smartphone company."

Dubbed Nexus Two the smartphone is expected to be distributed in a similar manner to Nexus One, made by HTC, which is sold via the Google online phone store, either unlocked or with a network contract and subsidy.


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Apple iPad update

Last week Matt and John covered the Apple iPad launch and now it looks like we may have an iPad here in the UK within the next 4-8 weeks.

iPad 2

Apple iPad


An update on Apples UK website shows that the firm is expecting to start shipping a Wi-Fi version in March, and a 3G model in late April. No UK prices have been confirmed yet but the site does show the prices in dollars, although it is reported that the UK prices may be higher than over the pond!


Apple iPad


The iPad will come in three sizes, and will cost as much as $829 for the 64GB, Wi-Fi+3G version.  The firm simply says that "international pricing will be announced at a later date".

Lets hope we don’t get screwed too much!


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MWC Has a Different Agenda for Windows Mobile

Contrary to popular belief we have been informed that Windows Mobile 7, the much anticipated OS release for windows mobile, will not be on the agenda at MWC this year. This can only suggest that it has been delayed even further than we thought.


James will be attending this years MWC and I’m sure he will be keeping us up to date on the goings on and what IS on the agenda.

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Sony Ericsson Aspen – WinMo 6.5.3 official!

There have obviously been a lot of rumours about Windows Mobile over the past month or so with stories about WM7 and WM6.6 being rumoured to be announced at MWC later this month. Personally I think we’ll hear about Windows Mobile 7 at MWC but I’m not sure we’ll see much of it.

Last month at CES one handset appeared quietly at the end sporting a new update to 6.5: 6.5.3

This morning I woke to an email from Sony Ericsson announcing their new Aspen handset. So there’s a little about the Greenheart concept but what really caught my eye is further down the spec sheet: Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 so that pretty much confirms it then!

Have a quick look at the press release below, we’ll obviously be trying to get our hands on one too!

Aspen Front

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Virgin Media allowing free landline calls to mobiles


Customers can call Virgin Mobiles at no extra cost Virgin Media has announced that it will allow its landline customers to make free calls to Virgin mobiles from 1 April The move is part of an initiative from the company to provide a variety of unlimited calls packages The telecoms provider claims that the move is continued part of its’quad-play’ strategy. Nearly 10% of Virgin’s customer base subscribes to all four services provided by the company.

As a result of the move, nearly half a million customers will be able to make free calls from their Virgin Phones to their Virgin Mobiles in addition to the free Virgin Mobile to Virgin Mobile calls they already benefit from.

Virgin Media executive director of mobile and telephony, Graeme Oxby said: ‘At a time when other providers seem keen on giving their customers less from their phone service, we are extremely their customers less from their phone service, we are extremely proud to be leading the way in this field, being the first to offer free home phone to mobile calls. proud to be leading the way in this field, being the first to offer free home phone to mobile calls. Our successful quadplay strategy has demonstrated customers are ooking for exceptional value by bundling more services together, and this move to include free calls to mobiles with our home phone service underlines our commitment to ensure Virgin Media customers get the best deals possible.’


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The iPad as a Remote Desktop Client?

home_screen_20100127 As we all know by now, the Apple iPad was announced last week and already it’s met with a mixed response. I for one have been backwards and forwards thinking it’ll be great then wondering if some of the design decisions really make sense. I know an awful lot of people were hoping that the iPad would run either OSX are at least some new OS that offered a similar experience to a netbook. There’s been some disappointment even among hardcore Apple fans that the iPad simply runs the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod touch. In my mind that does certainly have some limitations.

However, something occurred to me as I logged in to my desktop PC via my laptop over a Citrix Thin Client connection – I wonder if there’s Citrix Client for the iPhone already, wouldn’t that work well on the iPad!?

Sure enough there is a Citrix Client that I am about to go and try out. There’s also a Remote Desktop Client (RDP/RDC) for the iPhone that’ll allow you to connect to an enabled Windows PC/Server and then there’s also the tried and trusted VNC clients out there.

So if you are looking for a full desktop experience from the iPad then perhaps this will be the answer? Connect to your home or work PC over WiFi or 3G from the iPad and run all the apps you already have installed but with a touch screen! I can imagine that working really well for me!

So bring on the iPad and lets get this tested out! 🙂


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Nokia Booklet 3G Review

I was visiting Matt the other weekend and he asked me if I fancied reviewing a Nokia. OK I said, and he handed me a large blue box. Large enough that I wondered just how big the phone inside was.

Then I looked at the box better and noticed ‘Nokia Booklet 3G’ emblazed across the side in white letters.


The Nokia Booklet 3G

At that point I wondered if it was some sort of internet tablet thing running Symbian, and Matt told be it was actually running Windows 7 and had a 10+ hour battery life. At which point I wondered if the startup sound would be the Nokia ring tone 😀

An unusual opening box and then my view of the Booklet 3G itself – this was not your standard ‘little netbook’ I was looking at.

Check out Matt’s Nokia Booklet unboxing video for a quick tour of the device.

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Zune Phone to Debut at MWC ?

According to Gizmodo and MuyComputer, the will they, won’t they shenanigans of Microsoft releasing a Zune Phone will come to end in Barcelona MWC 2010 next month when they will announce a Zune Phone running Windows Mobile 7.

According to them, it’s 100% confirmed. The Zune Phone will use Tegra, and Nvidia will team with Microsoft for the presentation.

MuyComputer says that the Zune Phone will have a 480 x 272 screen, HDMI out, weigh around 70 grams, and use Windows Mobile 7. This strong rumour seems to be inline with the mention of three phones in the Zune software last week

So what do you think, are Microsoft about to do the unthinkable and release a device ??

Via Gizmodo and MuyComputer

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Latest MoDaCo Podcast Now Live

Last week saw the launch of the much rumoured Apple iPad. There has been a ton of discussion about the iPad both before and after the announcement. Some believe that it’s the best thing ever and others thinking that it’s going to be a monumental miss for Apple.

So why am I telling you about the MoDaCo podcast? Well last week my long time friend Paul, founder of MoDaCo, and I were talking about the iPad when Paul said “Hey why don’t you come on the podcast as a guest and chat about the iPad with me and Chris?”. Sounded like a great idea, I’m getting in to this podcast lark so jumped at the chance.

So if you want to hear what the three of us have to say about the iPad then head on over to the podcast page on MoDaCo. Please do feel free to come back to us and offer your feedback both on the iPad and the podcast itself over on the forum.


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Met Office weather app for iPhone

photo Weather forecasts from the Met Office are now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch with the launch of the Met Office weather app. Users will be able to access up-to-date weather forecasts quickly from the UK’s national weather service while on the move.

The Met Office weather app will provide easy access to the latest weather information and warnings wherever you are. The app will allow users to save favourite locations so local weather information is available at their fingertips 24 hours a day. This new app is now available from the Apple App Store.

Gorillabox provided the Met Office with a full service, planning, managing and tracking for the iPhone weather application.

Mark Wakefield, founder and Chief Operations Officer of Gorillabox, said: “Gorillabox has worked closely with the Met Office to develop an application utilising a range of iPhone features and incorporating the Met Office weather alerts that will provide users with the latest and most accurate weather information wherever they are.”

You can download it here.

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