By February 1, 2010

The iPad as a Remote Desktop Client?

home_screen_20100127 As we all know by now, the Apple iPad was announced last week and already it’s met with a mixed response. I for one have been backwards and forwards thinking it’ll be great then wondering if some of the design decisions really make sense. I know an awful lot of people were hoping that the iPad would run either OSX are at least some new OS that offered a similar experience to a netbook. There’s been some disappointment even among hardcore Apple fans that the iPad simply runs the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod touch. In my mind that does certainly have some limitations.

However, something occurred to me as I logged in to my desktop PC via my laptop over a Citrix Thin Client connection – I wonder if there’s Citrix Client for the iPhone already, wouldn’t that work well on the iPad!?

Sure enough there is a Citrix Client that I am about to go and try out. There’s also a Remote Desktop Client (RDP/RDC) for the iPhone that’ll allow you to connect to an enabled Windows PC/Server and then there’s also the tried and trusted VNC clients out there.

So if you are looking for a full desktop experience from the iPad then perhaps this will be the answer? Connect to your home or work PC over WiFi or 3G from the iPad and run all the apps you already have installed but with a touch screen! I can imagine that working really well for me!

So bring on the iPad and lets get this tested out! 🙂


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