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Windows Phone 7 Series it is then!

win-phone7 Well we’re all pretty certain that Microsoft will be making some announcements about Window Mobile 7, or Windows Phone 7 as it should be called now, at MWC early next week. The guys from Engadget have managed to dig up something interesting. Outside Microsoft’s hotel, Hotel Catalonia, you’ll find a large banner with the words Windows Phone and an area just underneath covered with a big white sticker.

Using their digital camera and some Photoshop magic they’ve managed to reveal what’s sitting under that sticker it is ‘7 Series’ making it officially Windows Phone 7 Series then!

Personally I don’t think we’ll see to much of the new OS, maybe some fairly teasing screen shots and a lot of talk about features but it’s my guess that there’s still some to go before we see WM7, my money is on Q4 2010.

James will be at the Microsoft press conference on Monday so we’ll be sure to send you the news as we get it!


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Competition reminder!


The new podcast is out and we are looking for some folks to win these headsets. Send me a picture of you listening to the podcast. When at Mobile World Congress I shall ask the coolest and most prominent person I can find to choose their favourite two photos (To be honest it will probably be the most attractive booth babe.) The two photos chosen will win! Simples.

You can send your photo to [email protected]. Entries should be in by midnight on 17/02/10. I will be posting all photos received so keep them clean 🙂

Best of luck!

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Nokia N97 Mini unboxing video

N97-mini-angled-open It’s been a long time since we reviewed the Nokia N97, August 2009 in fact. The N97 was pretty popular but it was widely reported to have some stability and performance issues. The N97 Mini, as the name suggests, is a smaller version of the N97. Released at the end of 2009 it offered much the same as its bigger brother and virtually the same specification in a more compact package, having a 3.2″ screen versus the 3.5″ of the N97 and some 12 grams lighter.

Stay in control of your email, calendar and music with dedicated widgets for your home screen. Move content around your home screen and place it anywhere you like by dragging your finger across the touch sensitive display.

The N97 mini feels as good as it looks with its wide-screen multi-sensory display, QWERTY keyboard and sleep metal finish. View web pages , videos, photos and maps at a natural 35-degree angle on the innovative 3.2" tilting display.

As you’ve come to expect from us by now we have an unboxing video below which tours the hardware and takes a quick look at user interface. It’s essentially the same user experience as the original N97. We’ll have a full review for you over the next couple of weeks but feel free to ask your questions in the mean time.

You’ll find the video after the jump.


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1.6GB-big NDrive Barcelona turn-by-turn for iPhone – available for FREE

NDrive offers amazing Streetview-like turn-by-turn navigation fully offline (1.6GB-big! here you can see entrance to Mobile World Congress venue):

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