By February 13, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series it is then!

win-phone7 Well we’re all pretty certain that Microsoft will be making some announcements about Window Mobile 7, or Windows Phone 7 as it should be called now, at MWC early next week. The guys from Engadget have managed to dig up something interesting. Outside Microsoft’s hotel, Hotel Catalonia, you’ll find a large banner with the words Windows Phone and an area just underneath covered with a big white sticker.

Using their digital camera and some Photoshop magic they’ve managed to reveal what’s sitting under that sticker it is ‘7 Series’ making it officially Windows Phone 7 Series then!

Personally I don’t think we’ll see to much of the new OS, maybe some fairly teasing screen shots and a lot of talk about features but it’s my guess that there’s still some to go before we see WM7, my money is on Q4 2010.

James will be at the Microsoft press conference on Monday so we’ll be sure to send you the news as we get it!


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