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TouchPal v3.5 review

Which is the easiest and best method for text input? This has been debated and discussed by the masses for quite some time. For me the best is TouchPal, why?

It’s Cool!

  • "Flow" your keyboard by sweeping with your finger! 
  • Switch between three layouts: T+, Full-Qwerty, 9-key PhonePad. 
  • Resize your keyboard anytime!

It’s Easy!

  • Big buttons. Finger friendly. 
  • Up to 300 chars/min, faster than your hard keyboard! 
  • Input puntuations, numbers and uppercase letters without view switching

It’s Smart!

  • Powerful mistyping correction
  • Clever prediction based on context
  • Predict next word

It’s Innovative!

  • T+ technology. Predictive + Precise.
  • Word association
  • Super big dictionaries (40,000 English words, 140,000 French words…)

It’s Customisable!

  • "My Sentences" with parameters (e.g., "See you in X mins")
  • Customisable emotion symbols (e.g. :-o, ^_^)
  • You can develop your own layout or language pack with SDK tool.


Professional Mode

Word prediction


Precise input


In-place case switching


Display word candidate inline


Word association


Landscape mode


Multi-language support

Install up to 4 languages,
Switching dynamically

Predict combined word (new in v3.5)


Mixed language input (new in v3.5)



Stardard T+/Full QWERTY/9-Key PhonePad

Enhanced mistyping correction


Context based prediction and correction


Dynamic layout resizing


"My sentences"


"My commands"


Customizable emotion icons



12.98 USD

Trial Limitation

After 15 days trial, switch to Standard mode automatically



Easily installed by either .exe file on your PC or .cab file on your Windows device, once launched there is a 15 day trial of the full professional version, after which time the software reverts back to the standard version if you do not wish to purchase the professional version for $12.98.

Here you can find the video demo.

Unfortunately there are far too many options to explain in detail but a lot of the highlights are captured above. Things I especially like are the ability to save whole sentences that you commonly use, the ability to quickly switch keyboard dependant on what you are doing, illustrated in the picture below, I tend to stick with the first one, as each key allows 4 way inputs, on each tab you can enter any of the characters depicted for example the e-r tab can be used to enter e,r, E,R, 2 and ? all from the one key. Word prediction, as well as next word prediction and mistyping correction also very helpful. Head over to the website, link at the bottom for more details.

It is very fast, don’t get me wrong you will need to practice and get used to the systems, at first it is easy to give up and find something else, but patience and persistence is definitely rewarded. I do not get up the claimed speeds of 300 characters per minute but it certainly can motor!

New Diamond skin
clip_image001[36][3] clip_image002[8][3] clip_image003[8][3]


I have tried many different input methods, ranging from the standard windows keyboards to HTC PhonePad,  PocketCM, TenGo etc. The first thing I do these days when Matt sends me a unit to review is install TouchPal.

For me it is as about developed as it needs to be, if I have one criticism it is that in landscape I would like the keyboard to cover the length of the screen to hopefully allow larger keys.


Landscape view.


This one is for me and I am happy to recommend it to any Windows Mobile fan, which methods do you prefer and why?

For more details head over to

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Mobile Tech Moment Episode 6

image Steve over at the Mobile Tech Moment has just posted episode 6 of this great podcast. This episode is all about the HTC Diamond as it has just been released over in the US. His two guests Mike Herald and Bill Stebbins have both just picked the Diamond as their new device so should be interesting to hear their thoughts. The title of this weeks show is Diamonds are a geek’s best friend, you can get all the details here.

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Apple recalls tiny iPhone 3G power adapters

Apple Inc. on Friday advised iPhone 3G users in many countries to replace the device’s power adapter following reports that metal prongs broke off and stuck in power outlets, creating a risk of electric shock.


Apple said it will exchange the ultra-compact USB adapters for a redesigned model, without charge, in retail stores and online starting Oct. 10.

In the meantime, iPhone 3G users who received the tiny USB adapter with their phone or who bought it separately should immediately stop using it. Apple said iPhone 3G owners should use its standard USB power adapter, which has fold-up prongs, or charge the device by plugging it into a computer.


"We have received reports of detached blades involving a very small percentage of the adapters sold, but no injuries have been reported," Apple said in a statement online.

Spokeswoman Natalie Kerris could not say exactly how many adapters have broken in this way.

The recall affects ultra-compact USB power adapters sold in the U.S., Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Panama and Peru.

Adapters with a green dot on the bottom are safe and do not need to be replaced, Apple said.



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More pictures of the HTC Dream

htc-dream-g1-google-android-phone-thumb Tracy and Matt have hit upon some images of the HTC Dream out in the field. Looks a good size, however there doesn’t seem to be any hints at the odd incision on the back of the device we featured on a previous post.

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Kaiser/Tytn II/Tilt users rejoice Advanced Config 3.2 here

advancedconfigtool-thumbWindows 6.1 and the variants of the HTC Kaiser is largely regarded as a bit of a headache. Conflicts, warnings and pop-up annoyances abound. This simple app can help you personalise the inner most workings of the Kaiser and you can enjoy a smoother ride. Take care when using as there are a number of selections that can disable features.
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Vodafone Palm Treo Pro hits business store

image The much anticipated Palm Treo Pro has finally landed on Vodafones site but only in the business section. The Palm Treo Pro is a Windows Mobile device that utilises both a full QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen, the robust ‘pallet’ design makes it a superb converged voice and email device. It offers 3G internet speeds as well as Wi-fi and an integrated GPS receiver. Pricing and details after the break.

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New to Windows Mobile, check out the quick reference guide

image Pocket PC FAQ have just published a fantastic FAQ sheet for anyone new to Windows Mobile. We know from experience anyone picking a Winmo device up for the first time can feel a little lost, thanks to these guys this guide will get you back on track quickly. Available in English and German and it is free for individuals.  Corporate use requires License. Full details and links after the break.

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HTC Touch HD pictures

image Cnet have got hold of a Touch HD and posted a nice side by side picture with the HTC Diamond and the HTC Touch Pro. The screen on the Touch HD just looks amazing, so crisp and bright and looks like a great device for web surfing in landscape mode as you can see in the pictures. This looks like the device that will be a true iPhone competitor oh and don’t forget it has a 3.5mm headphone slot too. Pictures after the  break.

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Mobility Today live blogging Android Launch

image Dave over at Mobility Today will be attending the Google Android launch on Tuesday next week and will be live blogging what is going on and being announced as it happens. The event is being held in New York so it is a bit far for us to travel so we will be keeping an eye on the news from afar. It is always exciting to see another smart phone operating system come out, so we will be itching to get one in our hands to see what it is all about. A few pictures of the device after the break.

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