By September 20, 2008

Kaiser/Tytn II/Tilt users rejoice Advanced Config 3.2 here

advancedconfigtool-thumbWindows 6.1 and the variants of the HTC Kaiser is largely regarded as a bit of a headache. Conflicts, warnings and pop-up annoyances abound. This simple app can help you personalise the inner most workings of the Kaiser and you can enjoy a smoother ride. Take care when using as there are a number of selections that can disable features.

Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2 Has Been Released
By Doug Smith on Tilt Tips from Tilt Mobility

About a month ago I posted that Schap’s from XDA, and now had just released His Advanced Configuration Tool 3.0. It has become a common Cooked in application by all of the Chef’s and has the ability to Tweak Tons of different things on your Tilt/ TyTN II.  As we wait in anticipation of Schap’s TouchXperience User Interface that he says is nearing the Beta Stages:

Unfortunately I still don’t have a new PC, but I should get a new one soon. So you can imagine it’s hard for me to progress in the project and keep you updated. Even though I’m still working on TouchXperience – as I can – but I’ve done a big step since last month (I will try to give you soon more details) and I’m near to beta stage, so as soon as I get a PC you could expect a beta in the next days.

For your patience I released a new version of Advanced Config, as usual download Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2 here and enjoy!

Here is what’s new in Advanced Configuration Tool 3.2:

  • Fixed error reading power management settings on some LG or Samsung devices
  • Fixed bug with SmartTouch sometimes not working with new applications
  • Added “Auto deploy SIP” setting
  • Added disconnect active data connections after connection settings changed
  • Fixed “SMS sent notification” setting not working on english version
  • Fixed some settings not saved after a soft-reset
  • Improved error handling in connection settings

This is a powerful tool that everyone should have. For more information and to download, head on over!


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