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5 Useful Tech Hacks For A Smooth Christmas

aaaWith Christmas drawing ever-so-closer, it’s time to start planning in earnest for this year’s festivities. Whether you’re throwing a big one for the whole family, or hosting a more intimate meal, to help make the holiday period go as smoothly as possible online electronics retailer,, have thrown together the most useful tech hacks for the festive period…..

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Keep kids entertained with the Google Santa Tracker

This one’s perfect for big kids and little ones alike. Track where Santa and his trusty reindeer are headed on Christmas Eve via Google Maps, as he traverses the globe bringing gifts to families.

In the run-up to Christmas, you can also check out Santa’s village and prepare for festivities with the elves, jetski with the man himself and learn how different countries celebrate their festive period. Check out the fun here:

Rustle up your festive feast the easy way

Ever felt super rushed getting the turkey and all the trimmings done in time? Well, have no fear, the handy Christmas Menu Maker app from ‘Fine Cooking’ is a good tool to have up your sleeve. It enables you to build your Christmas day menu in advance and helps you put your shopping list and schedule together. We’re impressed! Why not grab chocolate shipped cookies and deliver Christmas cookies to your loved ones in the most wonderful time of the year!

Take a look at their all-time favorite Christmas recipes, such as beef tenderloin and roast turkey, as well as their crowd-pleasing winners for more formal occasions.

Download the app for just 79p on the iTunes store and say hello to culinary perfection.

If you are looking to buy an induction hob then it can also be tricky as there are so many considerations and different options available, also have a look at these induction hob reviews as that is a great way of finding the best.

And while you’re preparing to cook up a storm in the kitchen…

Pop your device onto this awesome penguin tripod for easy recipe-following

While you’re attempting to beast that cranberry sauce, having your device well within eye-level for cooking tips is a winner. Forget accidently getting sauce (or brand!) on your iPad, this gadget could well save you a mini tech disaster and is also handy when streaming Christmas carols or watching your favourite festive movie. Nab this one from Mantona for just £18.30 at reichelt. It also doubles up as a selfie stick for bottles, so you can nail that celebratory photo – neat! For fun food recipes and reviews for kitchen products, visit


Hang those Christmas lights easily with this DIY tech fix

Want to get those Christmas lights up so they won’t budge this year? Inexpensive cable ties are great for fixing them securely, and allow you achieve the much sought after straight line. Added bonus: at the end of the season use them to tie up the lights, so that next year you won’t have to deal with a big, knotted mess. Win.

And finally…


Get psyched to run off those calories post Christmas

With January looming round the corner, it’s time to get off the sofa and beat that Christmas bulge. And while you’re saving up the pennies again, getting trim for cheap may well feature on your to-do list. Well, we’ve got just the gadget to help you get motivated without breaking the bank. This bargain fitness tracker from hot German brand, Technaxx  (available at reichelt for £34.80), is the perfect entry-level device. It monitors how many calories you burn, your number of steps and distance travelled. The device also syncs with the Technaxx ‘My Fitness’ app to give you real-time coaching and keep you updated on the status of your goals. Feeling inspired? We are.