By June 30, 2011

Orange to refresh prepay tariffs and rewards


Rewards for users on prepay plans revised while call and text message charges rise slightly

Orange will refresh its price its prepay price plans and rewards in a move it said would make them richer to more customers. The changes are effective as of tomorrow (July 1).

Customers on the Dolphin and Monkey plans will receive 400 free text messages (an additional 100 SMS) plus free internet as a monthly reward for topping up £10 a month.

Canary plan customers will now be able to purchase the operator’s unlimited texts extra for £5 by texting ‘5’ to 6620.

In addition, call charges are rising from 20p to 25p on the Dolphin, Monkey and Canary plans while users on these plans, as well as Starter users, will be charged 12p per text as opposed to 10p.

An Orange spokesperson said: “Following a review of our pricing structure, we can confirm that Orange will be making some changes to its PAYG price plans from 1st July including improvements to Orange top up rewards and Extras. Orange PAYG top up rewards are now richer and Extras are available to more customers.

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