By December 31, 2006

HTC 2007 Device Roadmap

HTC’s 2007 device roadmap appears to have been ‘leaked’ and found it way on to the Russian site

The roadmap lists 4 new devices:

HTC Kaiser
HTC Kaiser
The HTC Kaiser is an updated version of the HTC P4350 (Herald) and has the same form factor. In terms of technology it is actually a slightly modified and advanced TyTN, which will include a built in GPS receiver in addition to the same QVGA-screen, the support of 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a powerful processor (400Mhz). It’s thought that the Kaiser is HTC answer to the Eten GPS-enabled devices.
The HTC Elf is regarded to be the same class of device as the HTC Herald however the Elf will be a cheaper entry level model and will not include 3G connectivity nor will it have a sliding keyboard. It will also have a slower (200mhz) processor. One thing it will have is funky touch sensitive keys!
HTC Wings
HTC Wings
The HTC Wings is basically the same device as the HTC Vox but will also include 3G connectivity and a GPS receiver.
HTC Erato
Finally there HTC Erato which is clamshell design thought to be an updated STRtrk which will also include a GPS Receiver.



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