By December 27, 2006

Picoo-Z Helicopter

Not the sort of thing that I would normally blog about but Iain bought me a Picoo-Z minature remote control helicopter for Christmas.

For those of you that haven’t seen these yet the Picoo-Z is an amazing piece of engineering. These helicopters are two channel super minature flying machines that weigh about 10 grams.

Picoo-Z Helicopter

Made by Silverlit Electronics the Picoo-Z comes completely ready to fly and charges from the infra-red handset (which takes 6 AA batteries – not included). Once charged the helicopter gives you 5-10 minutes of flying time on 30 minutes of charging.

You can only fly these things indoors, as above, but have given us hours of amusement over the Christmas period. They also seem to be pretty indestructable!

People have even started to mod these to have different bodies and flight characteristics. There is a great site called PiccoZ Toolbox where they show you lots of ways to mod your toy!

One thing to note if you are looking for one of these is that there seems be a lot of different ways to spell Picoo-Z the box for ours says Picoo-z but others seem to say Picco-z or Pico-z etc.


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