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Parrot DRIVER HEADSET review.

The Parrot Hands-free Headset (DRIVER HEADSET) consists of a Bluetooth headset and a cradle that is both a holder for the headset and a charger that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket (12V).


On first looking at the package I was slightly scared by the size of the ‘bud’ on the headset as it looked huge, but in practise it’s not and fits into the ear with no problems.


So, the operation of this kit is to plug the charger dock into the cigarette lighter, and then the headset slides into the top, with a push mechanism to retain it – nice solid click in and click out. The cradle also features a buzzer that sounds on incoming calls.

When the headset is in the cradle and charging, the status LED on the top of the headset blinks red slowly.


You pair the headset as you would any other Bluetooth device on your phone and once paired the status LED blinks blue slowly. Whilst not paired the headset’s status LED blinks alternate blue and red.

The headset has a volume up, volume down and an On/Off button (which is used to start/end calls). You can also use the headset for voice dialing as well.


So all fairly standard stuff on the headset side of things.

I also managed to hook it up to the PC for use with Skype 😀


  • Obviously as a headset it allows you to legally make/receive calls whilst driving.
  • The headset is light enough that it doesn’t really bother you much in the ear.
  • The cradle buzzer lets you know about incoming calls no matter where you’ve shoved the handset
  • The charging dock doubling as a holding cradle means that you always know where the headset is whilst driving.
  • good battery life
  • CONS

  • for me, the headset just didn’t stay put – without the ’round the ear’ hook that some other headsets have, it just kept slipping down, so I found myself continually adjusting it :S
  • you HAVE to charge the headset with the cradle, there is no other way, so if you aren’t in your car that day, then you are out of luck.
  • the blue / red flashing of the status led can be confusing if the headset is in the cradle and you have already plugged the cradle into the lighter socket, and you are trying to pair to the headset
  • Overall
    If you are someone that only wants a headset when you are driving, and the headset doesn’t slip in your ear, then this headset is probably great.

    For me personally, whilst it was light enough to stay in the ear without bothering me, the fact that it didn’t stay put in one place was distracting.

    Parrot DRIVER HEADSET Specification

  • Headset with automatic pick up/hang up
  • Volume adjustment via two buttons
  • Button for call management
  • Ringtone and LED for incoming calls
  • Bluecore 3 processor
  • 10 mm speaker
  • 3 high-intensity LEDs
  • NiMH 90 mA battery
  • Reset controller
  • 5 hours’ talk time on a full charge off the cradle
  • Cradle: L=130mm W=58mm D=35mm
  • Total weight: 60 grams
  • Headset: L=68mm W=25mm D=23mm (with insert)
  • Headset weight: 14 grams
  • Review by Iain

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