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Preparing for GTA V on PC – Laptop Review

msi-gs70-stealth-03If you missed the release of the biggest game of the year, you must not have heard all the media-hype from under the rock you were obviously living. Selling a huge 1.57 million copies in its first day of release, you cannot escape the buzz surrounding Grand Theft Auto 5. It is already the 24th bestselling game ever, despite only being released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The games developer, Rockstar, has remained tight-lipped over whether or not they will release a PC version, leaving many fans in limbo. However, the previous editions of the game have all been released on a PC platform so there may be hope. This, teamed with a growing online petition along with some seemingly leaked screenshots of the game, mean fans are remaining confident that the announcement will be imminent.

In order to make the most of the game – once they finally get their hands on it, lots of gamers are investing in new laptops so they can fully enjoy the graphics and sounds. With this in mind, we’ve decided to take a look at one of the best gaming laptops on the market, the MSI GS70 Stealth gaming laptop.

Available from eBuyer, this laptop boasts a range of features that can majorly enhance your gaming experience. To start, the laptop is perfect for gaming on the move. Weighing just 2.66kg and with a thickness of just 0.86 inches, this is the world’s thinnest and lightest gaming laptop, perfect for any on the move action.

When it comes to graphics and sound, this laptop is unmatched by its competitors. Comprising two speakers and a subwoofer, you can hear every footstep, gun shot and siren as you play. In addition, the laptop features a unique MSI Audio Boost that enhances sound performance by 30% more.  When on the move, sound quality remains the same exceptional level, thanks to the gold flash headphone jack. Graphics-wise, the 17.3” fully HD screen will be the perfect arena for GTA V, displaying crystal clear images.

Even the keyboard is designed to optimise gaming. The keys are specially organised for faster and better action and the keyboard itself is backlit, and with over 1000 personal colour combinations, you can really set the gaming mood – totally immersing yourself in the action.

Packed full of USB ports, a card reader and even an HDMI port, this laptop is the ideal choice for gamers looking for an exceptional gaming experience. Grand Theft Auto 5 will never look so good!

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An Introduction to the Amstrad CPC 464

Amstrad CPC 464Gareth takes you on a brief tour of the classic 80’s 8-bit computer in this new series of videos featuring a loving tribute to tech from the past in a bite sized format.

The Amstrad CPC 464 was Gareth’s first home computer that started a passion for the cheap but somewhat reliable computer company, Gareth has put together a fairly modest collection over the years and hopes to give you a guided tour of each piece.

The CPC series was pitched against other home computers primarily used to play video games and enjoyed a strong supply of game software. The comparatively low price for a complete computer system with dedicated monitor, its high resolution monochrome text and graphic capabilities and the possibility to run CP/M software also rendered the system attractive for business users, which was reflected by a wide selection of application software.

The CPC models’ hardware is based on the Zilog Z80A CPU, complemented with either 64 or 128 kB of memory. Their computer-in-a-keyboard design prominently features an integrated storage device, either a compact cassette deck or 3″ floppy disk drive. The main units were only sold bundled with a colour or monochrome monitor that doubles as the main unit’s power supply. Additionally, a wide range of first and third party hardware extensions such as external disk drives, printers, and memory extensions, was available.

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This week’s must have Windows Phone apps

app storeHere we are with a selection of this week’s latest and greatest Windows Phone apps available from the Windows and Windows Phone store.


jamieJamie’s Recipes

Pick up some of Jamie Oliver’s skills with this new tasty app. Jamie has selected 10 delicious & nutritious recipes to get you started for free!
You can choose to buy from over 200+  delicious recipes to satisfy every taste. There are mouth watering  step-by-step photos and great HD videos to explore. Unleash your inner chef!

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Angry Gran Toss Review

Angry Gran Toss ReviewA rather bizarrely named app, this pretty much hits the nail on the head! I could describe this app in one word; Music.

Angry Gran Toss has literally THE most addictive music in the world. After you’ve played the app this app’s soundtrack will stick with you for the rest of your day, and to be honest, the rest of the week. It’s a strange relationship I found myself having with the music; hating it and yet loving it simultaneously. It’s so frustrating that you want to turn it off and yet it makes the game so much more appealing with it on.

Ok, so we’ve established the music on this game is an experience you must have first-hand. But what about the rest? In this review, we will talk about the graphics, the gameplay and the price.



clip_image004The graphics are consistent with the tongue-in-cheek vibes that the app chucks out in bucket loads. The characters are all cartoon-based, with changing backgrounds as you fire Gran further and further afield!

It is so common for mobile app games to feature soft graphics, which almost entirely are cartoon based, to make the game feel less intimidating and serious. It allows for casual gamers to just pick up the game and enjoy it rather than having to get stuck into the game to start to get any enjoyment from it.

The character animations are also comical and over exaggerated, for example when Angry Gran hits a walking pedestrian, falls in a skip or hits a mid-air obstacle!


Angry Gran Toss Gameplay

So, the gameplay. What is this game about? Well, basically you have an Angry Gran. And you’re aim is to catapult that Angry Gran as far as you can. As Gran travels through the air and gets further away, the background changes to different environments. So you start off in the city, you go to the suburbs and then into the countryside. There are probably more after that, but these are for you to discover!

clip_image006You get given a cannon to start with, in which you need to angle the cannon to get the best firing distance along with getting the power bar at the optimum launch power (which goes up and down quickly so you have to time it right). As Gran flies through the air, there are obstacles which will either hinder or help her progress, and you are equipped with a gun (which in the game feels normal, but now I’m writing this it’s a pretty macabre concept) with which you shoot Gran when she gets too close to the ground to keep her in the air and travelling for longer distances.

You get given a set amount of ammo to do this, and there are mid-air bullet stashes that if Gran hits you get your ammo replenished. These are hard to come by though and I’ve yet to find any skill related way of hitting them.

Other mid-air obstacles such as blimps can propel you further, but others will send you crashing to the ground even quicker.

There are more obstacles on the ground, which can either help or hinder you when you fall. There are skips, which stop Gran dead when she falls in them. Or there are water pipes that when you hit, Gran gets thrown into the air and travels further. You also get more points for causing damage to the telephone boxes and pedestrians.

There is a built-in shop, in which you can purchase upgraded cannons, upgraded guns, perks such as a DaVinci flying machine (that allows Gran to fly further) along with loads of other perks and upgrades that will aid you in getting as far as possible.



The app is free. However, you are able to make in-app purchases to upgrade your weapons, cannons and perks quicker than doing it naturally. These vary in price depending on how many coins you buy, but are in line with normal in-app purchase levels. Of £0.99+.

Due to it being a free app, it does feature advertisements. These are only seen on the menu’s and not whilst mid-game. These are quite intrusive adverts and do take up quite a lot of the screen real estate.



Overall, this is a highly entertaining game. The music and the light-hearted vibes make the game (and the concept) highly comical and it’s a game that is perfect for just picking up on the go for a quick game, but you can also easily get sucked into a longer session on it!

This app is by Ace Viral, and they have a whole host of other similar apps. For example, Words with Angry Gran, Angry Gran Radioactive Run and Angry Gran Run!

This review was written by Greg Mosley, editor of GTM Mobiles Reviews. Check out his Smartphone blog for Android Game Reviews.

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Sniper Shooter App Review

image Developed by Fun Games For Free, they left nothing to the imagination when you’re sat there scrolling through your respective App Store. No hidden gems or ‘Pet Crush Saga’ putting you off the scent. Nope, straight up Sniper Shooter, at least they get the games idea across quickly. Given the amount of apps available now, that only has to be a good thing.


image You work for an agency, as an assassin armed with your trusty Sniper Rifle. You are able to access a shop, in which you can buy upgraded weapons, providing different benefits to the player such as a Graduated rifle (with distance/wind markings) and Silencers. The currency you use to purchase these games are standard in-game coins, which you earn by completing missions. As the game is free, you have the option to buy more coins through an in-app purchase, whose prices vary depending on the gun/number of coins you wish to buy. This method of monetization is pretty much commonplace now in App developer circles, but sometimes it is implemented distastefully. In Sniper Shooter’s case, the developers have done it well, with the option to buy guns coming up occasionally when you finish a mission, and in the ‘Gun Shop’. There are no advertisements and overall it’s a very unobtrusively designed app in terms of monetization.



image You get assigned a ‘Mission’, to which there is a small brief. This brief literally tells you who you are looking for and what they have done wrong to get this kind of justice! At the beginning of the game you don’t need to read these as there’s normally only one character on the screen to shoot at, but as the game progresses, you need to be able to identify the one person out of potentially a crowd.

The gameplay features hilarious stickman animation (albeit the people are thicker than stickmen to make it easier to shoot them!) set against a multitude of backdrops. It has a lighthearted cartoon feel but the animation looks sharp and professional, with amusing reactions by passers by or the target when you miss. You are looking through the sniper scope, with different scope designs depending on which rifle you have chosen.
Effectively, you only have one shot to make a kill. This makes it quite tense. IF you do fail to hit with the first shot, then you’ll have to act quickly to get the target before he runs off of the edge of your screen and out of sight.

image To control the scope, the app uses sensors to feel the movement of the device. So you tip it forward to look down, to the right to move right etc. This gives the game a bit of depth, requiring you to need the steady hand of a Sniper.
Normally games with these controls get frustrating, but there is a handy recalibration feature on the pause menu that will put you right if the controls start going a bit awry.

There are plenty of missions, with 7 Chapters each containing different Missions. There are three more chapters with ‘Coming Soon’ plastered over them, so an update will bring you more.



image I ran this review on the HTC One, so I wasn’t expecting there to be any problems. The app ran smoothly and did not crash. Out of all the reviews on the Google Play Store I couldn’t see any that suggested it had happened to them. Oh, and by the way it has received a 4.5/5 review from nearly 100,000 people on the Play Store alone.


Overall, I would have to agree with the Google Play reviewers, this is a brilliant, light-hearted and amusing app. I can sheepishly admit that I have spent far too many hours on this game, but it truly is addictive. The nature of it means that you can get as embroiled in it as you want, but then again can just pick it up quickly whilst in between short breaks.
The in-app purchases are understandably there to support the developers, and they have done it well without harming the user experience. Beautiful graphics, great animation and good gameplay.

Sniper Shooter is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


This article was written by Greg Mosley. Greg is the Editor of the Smartphone Blog; GTM Mobiles Reviews, where you can find Android App Reviews, Android How-To’s and Android News.

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Xbox at E3 2013

xbox-one-logo-wallpaperThis week starting 10th June is one of the, if not the ultimate week of gaming excitement that gamers across the globe get to enjoy. I’m talking of course about the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA and this is where we see the latest and greatest announcements from the industry leading companies in gaming.

This year was always going to be one of the best E3’sever simply because we were going to see the biggest console battle between two companies for 8 years ish, the battle is of course between Microsoft and Sony respectively. Both companies have announced their new next generation consoles, the Xbox One and PS4 and to be quite honest before the conferences the talk was all about how Microsoft could ‘redeem themselves’ after the shambles they created after their Xbox One reveal event a couple of weeks previous. To a point I think that Microsoft did redeem themselves by showing some incredible games running in real time on their new console, but the problem regarding the trading in of games and the ‘online check in’ still remains.

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Top 5 Apps for Mobile IT Professionals


There’s never been a more exciting time for IT professionals as they have the means to work effectively wherever they are, thanks to their invaluable ally and constant companion: the smartphone.

Not only do the latest generation of smartphones offer an unparalleled suite of communication tools, the real innovation that has revolutionised working while on-the-go is the apps industry. For every conceivable business task there is a multitude of viable apps to help turn your smartphone or tablet device into a mobile office.

The problem isn’t finding a suitable app for your chosen task; it’s trying to narrow down your choices! With competition in the apps market at an all-time high, there’s usually a bewildering array of available options, whatever you’re looking for.

So check out our list of 5 must-have apps that no self-respecting mobile tech professional should be without:

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Eurogamer Expo 2013 tickets on sale

eurogamer_logo_colour1 This is just a quick post to tell you guys that from today tickets for the UK’s biggest gaming show have gone on sale at special prices for early bird adopters.

I was present at last year’s show and it was absolutely incredible and this year it can only be better with the promise of maybe two next gen consoles.. We already know about the PS4 but possibly by September the 26th when Eurogamer starts we will two consoles to drool over!

These ticket prices are sticking at the lower prices until May so not long to grab yours! Oh yes one other thing. If you are a Virgin Media customer there is a special price of £7.50 which is a massive 50% off!

I will be there this year covering it for so if you do buy tickets then you might well see me there too!

Get your tickets here:


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UK networks confirm they will sell BlackBerry 10


The big guns in the UK have all today confirmed they will be selling BlackBerry 10 devices soon after the January 30th launch event – dates are yet to be confirmed though. Three, O2, Vodafone and EE all sent out statements today highlighting their commitment to the new operating system from Research in Motion, along with high street retailers Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

While the news is great, it doesn’t come as a great surprise to me. Of course they are all going to support BlackBerry 10. Why wouldn’t they? With RIIM having around 9 million BlackBerry subscribers here in the UK it would be rather foolish for anyone to not sell it.

Roll on January 30th when we should get confirmation of availability etc.


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Quick Review: Snugg Google Nexus 7 PU Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand


If you are looking for a high quality leather case to protect your Google Nexus 7 then may I suggest you take a look at the PU Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand from Snugg.

Made from high quality leather; the case not only looks and feels great but it also has a few added features.

We all know that getting cases for our tablets is easy and there are thousands of cheap ones on the likes of eBay. From experience, the cheap ones are normally cheap for a reason so why not consider spending a little more on the run up to Christmas and treat yourself to a premium product?

This one is pretty awesome.


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