By December 4, 2012

Quick Review: Snugg Google Nexus 7 PU Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand


If you are looking for a high quality leather case to protect your Google Nexus 7 then may I suggest you take a look at the PU Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand from Snugg.

Made from high quality leather; the case not only looks and feels great but it also has a few added features.

We all know that getting cases for our tablets is easy and there are thousands of cheap ones on the likes of eBay. From experience, the cheap ones are normally cheap for a reason so why not consider spending a little more on the run up to Christmas and treat yourself to a premium product?

This one is pretty awesome.



Even with the case closed you can see that this thing oozes quality. It just looks good. The Nexus 7 sits tightly inside and is held in place by a leather flap which has some velcro attached to ensure it isn’t going anywhere. The Snugg Google Nexus 7 PU Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand has all the cuts outs in the right places giving you easy access to the charging port, speaker grill and camera, plus the hardware buttons are easily accessible due to no covering over them.




On the back of the case the main attraction is the movable flap which allows for the case to be used as a kick stand.



Once the front of the case in engaged with the flap on the back the tablet will stand solidly in whichever position you place it. Perfect for sitting on a desk or even propping it up in bed to watch a movie. And it still looks good too.



Inside the front cover is a strap which is designed to allow you to place your hand in it for safety when using the tablet in portrait orientation. There aren’t many cases I have come across that give this level of security. The whole surface of the inner front cover, and the strap itself, is covered in a velvet material. This means that is it does come into contact with the tablets screen there is no risk of scratches or scrapes.


IMG_20121204_003405 Hero




I have been using the case for just over a week now and absolutely love it. It it beautifully crafted and feels great in the hand. have it discounted at the moment so you may want to get in quick. In my opinion it is well worthy of the £24.99 price tag. You get what you pay for and this thing is built to last.

You can order your Snugg Google Nexus 7 PU Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand here.


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