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Mac OSX Lion LaunchPad Control

launchpadcontrolWe all love the new LaunchPad found in Apple’s Mac OSX Lion, but, if like me, you need further control of the LaunchPad, such as hiding apps without removing them, then look no further.

Launchpad-Control by Andreas Ganske provides you with a System Preference Pane that allows you to select what apps you wish to hide using a simple check to show, un-check to hide option on each app.

Simply download this free app, view your System Preference Pane and un-check all those apps you wish to hide. The advantage over this method is it simply hides the shortcut from the LaunchPad, the application can still be found, launched and used from within your Applications Folder.

Head over to to download this for free. Of course donations are appreciated.

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Synaps External Battery Reviews

Synaps External Battery I’ve recently been provided with two different types of external battery power for the Apple iPhone 4.

Both are made by Synaps. The first is the ‘Power case contour battery pack‘ (JP1300).

This external battery has been designed to fit the iPhone 4 and be used as a case as well as a method of charging your battery. Its available in Blue, Red and the colour I have been supplied, Black.

The packaging is clean and displays the product well. It’s typical retail accessory packaging, which can be seen as a negative as it wouldn’t stand out on a shelf of other accessories.

Once opened, you’ll find the battery pack, a micro-usb charger and a manual. It’s a real shame they decided to include a micro-usb charger instead of the official Apple dock connection as this means you need to carry an additional cable with you. The micro-usb cable does work with the USB plug supplied with the iPhone 4.

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