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Synaps External Battery Reviews

Synaps External Battery I’ve recently been provided with two different types of external battery power for the Apple iPhone 4.

Both are made by Synaps. The first is the ‘Power case contour battery pack‘ (JP1300).

This external battery has been designed to fit the iPhone 4 and be used as a case as well as a method of charging your battery. Its available in Blue, Red and the colour I have been supplied, Black.

The packaging is clean and displays the product well. It’s typical retail accessory packaging, which can be seen as a negative as it wouldn’t stand out on a shelf of other accessories.

Once opened, you’ll find the battery pack, a micro-usb charger and a manual. It’s a real shame they decided to include a micro-usb charger instead of the official Apple dock connection as this means you need to carry an additional cable with you. The micro-usb cable does work with the USB plug supplied with the iPhone 4.

The manual is straight forward, however, it doesn’t indicate any charge times. For my first charge, call me old school, I left it charging over night.

On the back of the battery there is a charge status indicator with 4 blue LED’s, simply push the button for it to display the batteries charge. The other nice feature is the power button that will enable you to turn the battery pack off when not in use, simply hold it down for 3 seconds to turn the battery off and on. Other battery packs I have used in the past don’t have this feature.

As previously mentioned, there is no official Apple Dock connector on this battery so you will need to remove the case prior to charging your iPhone.

The manufacture claims the extended battery will provide up to 270 hours standby and 5 1/2 hours internet usage. Over the past few days of standard usage, its easily doubling the usage of the iPhone before requiring a recharge.

The battery inside the case is a Lithium Polymer battery with 1300 mAh. The whole case weighs 70 grams but holding the iPhone in one hand, you defiantly notice the additional weight.

The case is made from a rubber effect and whilst this provides a nice matt finish that won’t scratch like some harder cases do. Due to the extra weight the case does feel as if it will slip out of your hand. The case does have a firm grip of the iPhone and has been produced to a high quality finish.

If you wish to use the rear camera, you do need to click open the case to expose the cut out within the case. The iPhone still feels firm within the case when you do this, but I have the feeling the iPhone may fall out. When opening the case I can imagine this sliding method will eventually become slack and not hold the iPhone as secure as it currently does.

Overall the product is a well manufactured product but could benefit from a few design tweaks such as an official Apple dock connection and cut out for camera use.

powerbank The other external battery that was supplied was the ‘Power Bank‘ (PB2200W). This battery charger is available in Black, and the version I have been provided, White.

The packaging is the typical blister pack you find on many mobile phone accessories and once opened you simply dispose. A black velvet pouch is provided which protects the battery pack as well as the mini-usb, micro-usb and Apple dock connector cable.

The tubular design provides 2200 mAh from is Lithium-ion battery. The manufacture claims this battery will hold its charge for 1 year without discharging.

Again, no information with regards to charging the battery so again I charged it over night. Both in the manual and on the packaging it does warn this battery may not hep if your phone has lost all power. This could be an issues, especially as most people may not notice how little charge is left before they attempt to re-charge. The times I had used this battery, the iPhone has started to charge with no issues.

The tubular battery has a micro-usb connection in order to charge the battery as well as a charge indicator light. I used the supplied cable to charge the battery using the iPhone USB plug. At the other end of the battery is the standard USB port to plug the supplied cable in.

The supplied cable retracts when not in use. The advantage with this cable is the ability to charge alternative products with the micro-usb and mini-usb connections. However this cable does feel cheap and when pulling the connections apart does feel as if it will snap.

Although carrying around all the connections, with standard use, the battery did provide almost double usage on my iPhone.

I can imagine this battery pack being charged and left in my bag or car for emergency use, especially as it does not loose it’s charge. I won’t use it as a daily battery extension, that will be left to the Power case.

For further information, visit the official Synaps website.


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