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iUsers gives iPad multiple user profile support

ipad-iusers If you share you iPad with one or more other people then you’ll know that there is nothing more annoying than when they alter all of your user settings and move your icons.

There is a solution right around the corner though as iUsers creates multiple user profiles and adds a log in button to your iPad. It sets aside an area for each users preferences and app data so you each can have their own unique setup.

There is just one drawback though. In order to use iUsers you must have a jailbroken iPad and download the app through Cydia. Probably not ideal for the masses perhaps.

I’d love to see this released though the Apple App Store but I fear there is little hope of that, there is more chance that Apple will add the functionality natively than that.

If you want to see iUsers in action check out the video below.


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Win one of 3 Samsung Galaxy Mini’s

Samsung Galaxy Mini We started our review of the Samsung Galaxy Mini last week and our review unit came courtesy of Three.

The tiny Samsung Galaxy Mini weighs just 108 grams but still boasts the power to keep you connected on the go.

To celebrate Three bringing the power of all-you-can-eat data to Pay As You Go from just £15, we’re offering three lucky readers the chance to get their hands on one. Pre-loaded with a PAYG SIM offering all-you-can-eat data, you’ll be free to stream, download, tweet and surf the web without ever worrying about the cost – there literally are no limits.

For more details, visit

As with all of our competitions, entering is easy. All you have to do is follow tracyandmatt on Twitter and retweet the following tweet: "RT @tracyandmatt I’m hoping to win a Samsung Galaxy Mini from #Three with unlimited PAYG data – Find out more:" You can also click the retweet link below to save you copying and pasting the phrase. Your twitter name will be entered in to the draw. You’ll have to keep following us as we’ll notify winners via DM.


This competition will run until the end of July, ending Sunday 31st July 2011. This competition is open to UK residents only as the phone and SIM will only work here. Entrants will need to continue to follow @tracyandmatt on twitter in order for us to get in touch with the winner.

The winner will be chosen at random within two weeks of the competition closing and the prize will be sent to the winner directly.


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HTC Gratia unboxing video

htc-gratia-white-m The HTC Gratia isn’t a new phone, it has actually been on sale for months. Hands up if you’ve seen one? I think this could be one of the most unnoticed phones out there at the moment. Announced fairly quietly back in November of last year the Gratia went on sale equally quietly, no big press events or even any announcements or press releases that I recall.

I have to say right now that I think it’s a real shame that the HTC Gratia hasn’t had more exposure. I actually think it’s a good little phone. You can think of it as being an Android version of the HTC HD mini that we reviewed back in April of last year. In fact one of the comments we made in the review is that the mini would have been better if it had Android rather than Windows Mobile 6.5.3. So some months later we got our wish!

The HTC Gratia is a premium, compact, entry-level Android smartphone. The CPU and RAM may now be less than we’ve come to expect from this end of the market but you cant fault the build quality of the HTC.

Full review coming up soon but for now I leave you with the unbox and demo below.


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