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iTunes movies to go Full HD

itunes-hd-screenshot Awesome news for movie fans, Apple are going to bring Full HD 1080p video content to the iTunes video store in Q3 of this year. Many films and TV programmes are already available in both 480p (standard) and 720p HD formats with a small premium for the HD version.

Critics of Apple and iTunes have long slammed Apple for the lack of Full HD content so this is their answer but to be honest it had to come sooner or later so perhaps it’s really no great surprise.

If there is a change to 1080p content though there’s one other thing that’s going to have to change, the Apple TV. Currently the iOS powered version 2 Apple TV’s have the trusty A4 processor from the iPad and iPhone and it doesn’t have the power to play 1080p content, even with a firmware update. Looks like there is going to have to be a new version of the Apple TV released which will, presumably have the A5 chip so that there’s enough horsepower.

I wish I’d know this a month ago before I bought another Apple TV for home though!


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BlackBerry PlayBook featured in Renaults latest concept car

image004 Well it looks like RIM have a new friend and it is Renault. Renault’s latest concept car neatly has the BlackBerry PlayBook mounted in the console!

With the BlackBerry PlayBook integrated into its latest concept, the FRENDZY becomes an innovative office on wheels, perfectly doubling up as a commercial vehicle and a comfortable passenger car, ideal for both business and pleasure.

For business users on the road, the ultra-portable BlackBerry PlayBook simply plugs into the dashboard, delivers advanced performance, uncompromised web browsing, with support for Adobe Flash, HD multimedia and advanced security features and out of the box enterprise support.

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ALK release CoPilot Live Premium for iPhone and iPad

coplilot-ipad1 We’ve reviewed CoPilot in the past and have been impressed with its user interface, map views and general map accuracy. I’ve been using the UK version in my iPhone for some time and have the USA version on my iPad 2 for those trips abroad.

Today ALK got in touch with me to let me know about their latest version of the CoPilot Live, the new Premium edition which includes new features such as Personal Routes, Active Traffic and social network integration so you can check in with Facebook places via the app.

What’s more, for the next 7 days you can get 50% off the already low price making UK & Ireland maps just £14.99 for unlimited use and the European maps version for £29.99.

More details of the new features follow. Head on over to the App Store to download.


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Microsoft ‘charging forward with Nokia’

windows-phone-7-series-thumb According to a statement made by Microsoft’s Steve Balmer the company is ‘Charging forward with Nokia’. This sound bite was from the Imagine Cup 2011 conference held on 8th July.

Mt Balmer goes on to talk about the next version of Windows Phone 7 and the next generation of phones running WP7 that will ship towards the end of this year. We’re looking forward to see what Nokia and Microsoft have in store for us and to testing the first phones released as a result of the partnership.

You can see an extract from the speech below or head over to for the full thing.


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HTC to unlock bootloaders from August

htc-logo-300x188 I’m sure you’ll remember the statement that HTC’s CEO Peter Chou made back in May about reconsidering their position on looking the bootloaders on their Android phones. This was good news for anyone wanting to load customer ROMs on to their handsets as it makes the process a whole lot easier and reduces the likelihood of ‘bricking’ the phone.

In an update made via their Facebook page (see below) HTC announced that they are going to provide an unlocked bootloader for the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G and HTC EVO 3D some time during August. They will do this via a series of firmware updates.

The HTC EVO 3D will go on sale here in the UK during the same times frame so we wonder if it will ship here with an unlocked bootloader or will require a later update?


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