By July 11, 2011

Microsoft ‘charging forward with Nokia’

windows-phone-7-series-thumb According to a statement made by Microsoft’s Steve Balmer the company is ‘Charging forward with Nokia’. This sound bite was from the Imagine Cup 2011 conference held on 8th July.

Mt Balmer goes on to talk about the next version of Windows Phone 7 and the next generation of phones running WP7 that will ship towards the end of this year. We’re looking forward to see what Nokia and Microsoft have in store for us and to testing the first phones released as a result of the partnership.

You can see an extract from the speech below or head over to for the full thing.


Windows Phone. You know, a year ago we didn’t have a phone in the market. Now, we’re charging forward with Nokia. We have the second generation of our phones coming out this Christmas, and people are starting to do things they had never imagined before. I love the applications that I saw for the Windows Phone from the people in this room, and the way you’re pushing that device, and using that device. It was really exciting for me.

Xbox. The Xbox, I’ve got to tell you, when we first decided to do Xbox, it was about 1999. I think it was Valentine’s Day, in fact, an important holiday for my wife. (Laughter.) And for me, of course, a very important holiday. But we had to make this decision, should we go ahead and get into the  not only in the videogame business, but were we excited about innovating and building hardware, because we have done mice and keyboards, but this was kind of a major activity. And here we are, 12 years later, and the kind of excitement and innovation that’s being driven through the Xbox into the living room around the world, I think, is quite remarkable.

We’re moving to the cloud. Everything is moving to the cloud. I had a chance to visit with customers here in New York. And I was talking about our new Office 365 productivity service. I was talking about Windows Azure, which many of you used as the backend for your projects, and the world is completely different than 12 months ago.

Twelve months ago, you talked to these big corporate IT departments and they’d say, we’re not moving to the cloud. They were very conservative. Here we are 12 months later, and people are saying, we know we’ve got to go, we’ve got to move. We don’t know exactly how quickly, some things will move fast and slow. And when we take a look at the kind of things we built in our Office 365 service, our Azure service, we think we’ve got a head start that’s really important, but like all of you, we know we’re going to have to continue to run very fast.


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