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A Blackberry Theme for the Partially Sighted


Available for free in BlackBerry App World, this theme is designed to help meet the needs of users who may have visual impairments related to partial vision loss and/or colorblindness, and even customers new to smartphones.

The Clarity theme for BlackBerry smartphones includes the following features:

  • Simple, easy to use home screen
  • Clickable header on the home screen, enabling customers to choose between seeing Date and Time or Network and Battery information
  • High contrast application screens
  • Large, text-based application icons on the home screen
  • Supports devices running BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0, including BlackBerry Curve series of smartphones, the BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphone, and the BlackBerry Bold series of smartphones. BlackBerry 6 OS and touch screen enabled BlackBerry smartphones are currently not supported.

Find more information or download the theme today at BlackBerry App World.


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Secret Gingerbread hidden under Honeycomb

honeycomb-gingerbreadHere’s a bit of interesting news for you technophiles that like to monkey around with your tablets. Apparently, their is a "hidden feature" within Honeycomb that allows you to "activate" an experimental Gingerbread interface. This is done by simply changing the pixel density settings of your Honeycomb tablet from 160 dpi to 170 dpi, and voila, you can play with a Gingerbread look to your UI. Here’s a quote from Engadget explaining how the tweak works,

According to modder Graffix0214, all you need for making the jump is one simple tweak in a system file: assuming you already have root access, use your preferred method — Pocketables recommends the LCDDensity for Root app — to change the LCD density value to 170 or higher to emulate a smaller, denser display. After a reboot, you should then see some Gingerbread love as demoed by Graffix0214’s video after the break; and likewise, set the value to 160 or lower to roll back. It sure is nice to have an option, eh?

This seems pretty nifty. Be sure to share in the forums what you think of this if you "monkey around" with it. Here’s a video demo after the break:

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Protect your bubble teams up with TagBak to return your precious lost gadgets


Protect your bubble, the gadget insurance specialist, today announces a tie-up with TagBak, the confidential reward and return service, to make sure that Protect your bubble go one step further and actually help return your original gadget if it’s lost.

TagBak is a clever reward and return service that easily rewards taxi drivers, nightclub staff and members of the public for doing the right thing and reporting your gadget as lost. Gadget fans just have to stick a tag on the back of their gadget and register it online. If they mislay their gadget a diligent member of the public just rings the number or visits register they have found the item. TagBak will then arrange the return of the gadget back to its rightful owner. The finder is rewarded by the TagBak team for their help.
Sounds pretty good. Read on for the full details.



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An Android app for Epilepsy


The Epilepsy Society has launched a mobile app for the Android Market following the charity’s hugely successful iPhone app in 2010. The app, available free of charge, contains essential first aid tips, including a step by step guide to the recovery position, basic information about epilepsy and a link to an interactive seizure diary.

NSE communications manager Amanda Cleaver said:  “Epilepsy is a very complex condition. Being able to record details about seizures and make notes about circumstances leading up to an episode are vital to the management and treatment of the condition.

“We also hope that the app will have universal appeal  as the first aid advice and step by step guide to the recovery position can be a useful tool for anyone.”

The Android app has been developed with the help of employees from IT company Citrix through the company’s Global Day of Impact scheme. Volunteers, including Robert O’Keefe and Shawn Fraser, worked to develop the app based on knowledge of the Android platform and  the design of the original iPhone app.

Robert O’Keefe, localisation manager at Citrix said: “Epilepsy is a subject close to my heart and having the opportunity to put my skills towards improving public knowledge of the condition is invaluable. When I saw the iPhone app in the App Store, I knew there was a chance to reach a wider audience in the Android market and was determined to make it happen. The Global Day of Impact scheme played a crucial role in bringing the app to market and I’d urge more companies to look at similar programmes. “

Commented Amanda: “We are so grateful to Citrix for their help in this project. Thanks to them, the latest technology is now available to more people than ever before.”

The app, ‘epilepsy society’ is available to download free of charge from:


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Twitter for BlackBerry updates


Twitter for BlackBerry 2.0 is now available in BlackBerry App World. The new update incorporates simplified navigation and new functions, with an updated navigation bar design and the ability to search for Tweets and people from a single location.

Twitter for BlackBerry 2.0 also features a new Compose Tweet button, which acts as a single touch point for composing Tweets from anywhere in the app. Users with BlackBerry smartphones that incorporate the BlackBerry 6 operating system can also benefit from the update, which includes integration with the Universal Search function allowing users to instantly search categories within Twitter.

The application is available to download for FREE from BlackBerry App World.


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Samsung Cube heading to Covent Garden this weekend


Looks like Samsung are going on tour. If you are in Central London this weekend why not pop down to Covent Garden and check out the Samsung Cube where as well as being able to have a go of the new Samsung Galaxy S II you may also win a prize.

Samsung is inviting members of the public to head to London’s Covent Garden this weekend to visit the ‘Samsung Cube’ where they will have a chance to play with Samsung’s brand new premium smartphone, the Galaxy S II and win prizes, including tickets to Take That’s upcoming Progress Live tour.

Visitors to the Samsung Cube, which will be located in the Piazza, will be invited to send a Twitter message using a Galaxy S II and get an exclusive code to unlock the prize safe. Thousands of codes will be released on both days but only a select few will unlock the prizes, with winners receiving either their own Samsung Galaxy S II, a pair of tickets to see Take That, or Samsung mobile phone speakers. For anyone whose code is unsuccessful at unlocking the prizes  at the box, there will be a second chance to win a Galaxy S II by entering their code in an online competition.

The Samsung Cube will also be heading to Manchester on 28th and 29th May, and Cardiff on the 4th and 5th June. The Samsung Galaxy S II is available in the UK now across all major networks, key high street and out of town electrical retailers and online.

Seems like these tour things are all the rage at the moment. Maybe Matt and I will do one. A pub tour I think!


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Android is conquering the masses

gartner-q12011More market analysis showing the growth and dominance of the Android platform. Gartner’s Q1 2011 analysis shows Android with over 36 Million Units sold roughly equating to a 36% global market share. This is compared to Symbian in second place with 27 Million and 27.4%, iOS with 16.8 Million and 16.8%. RIM, Microsoft and HP round out the bottom.

Symbian is essentially taking blow after blow from all angles here and whilst there isn’t a massive reduction in units solid they have not benefited in the Smartphone explosion at all. The uptake of Microsoft platform is also of particular interest as Windows Phone 7 really isn’t making too much noise.

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Orange and Barclaycard introduce ‘Quick Tap’


Orange and Barclaycard today launch ‘Quick Tap’, the UK’s first contactless mobile payment service which allows consumers to make purchases on the high street using their mobile phone for the very first time. The landmark launch means that from today, in addition to using contactless cards or chip and PIN, consumers can simply tap their mobile phone on a contactless reader at tills in over 50,000 stores to make purchases £15 and under.

This entirely new, secure and convenient way to make payments is an evolution of how people pay and follows previous payment milestones such as the move from cheques to cards.  Mobile payments will be accepted at stores nationwide including Pret a Manger, EAT., Little Chef, Wembley Arena, Subway, Wilkinson and McDonalds where contactless payments are currently accepted.
The service will be available to Orange customers who use a ‘Quick Tap’ enabled handset. Launching with a Quick Tap enabled version of one of Orange’s best-selling devices, the Samsung Tocco Lite, the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap will be available on pay as you go and pay monthly price plans, with more handsets expected to follow from a selection of leading manufacturers. Barclaycard, Barclays debit or Orange Credit Card users can transfer funds of up to £100 simply and securely onto the handset’s Quick Tap app, after which the phone is ready to make payments of £15 and under in a single transaction.
The user friendly payment app, which sits on the home screen of all Quick Tap compatible handsets, contains information such as electronic statements detailing Quick Tap purchases so customers can keep an eye on their spending and manage finances easily on the go.  To support the launch, Barclaycard is providing Orange customers with £10 cash added to their account upon activation, and 10% cash back on all Quick Tap purchases made in the first three months.

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Dell Streak Pro details emerge

dell_streak_pro_android_tabSome details regarding the Dell Streak Pro 10-Inch Android Tablet have been recently leaked. Rumour has it that the tab will come to the American network AT&T with it’s 4G LTE Radio they are about to roll out, a similar rumour to the HTC Puccini we heard earlier in the month. Regardless of the rumour, some other details have materialized regarding the device, and here they are:

  • 1GHz dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Dual-microphones
  • 5-megapixel camera and 2-megapixel camera for video chat
  • Maybe three different models = 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB version
  • 12.9mm thick (quite a bit fatter than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1)

No price yet and whilst the specs look adequate there is little to set this apart from the competition.

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Android 2.3.3 to arrive on Sony Ericsson next week?

facebook-inside-se-550x313They might have annoyed the seven people who bought the X10 with their terrible support when it came to updates, but it seems that are going to make amends with some nice updates to their more recent generation of phones. Sony Ericsson revealed today that their Xperia Arc and Xperia Play will soon rank among the short list of devices running Android 2.3.4, the fresh-out-of-the-oven update that brings along GTalk video calling among other things.

The update will also include a little feature Sony Ericsson has been cooking up called Facebook Inside. It creates a deep integration between the phone and the social network, allowing users to “like” currently playing music, share all sorts of content, and contact and calendar sync.

The update is slated to hit UK networks next week, carrier willing. We can only hope Sony Ericsson extends the privilege to the soon-to-be release US version of the Xperia Play.

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